GLENDALE (3TV/CBS 5) - An 18-month-old girl is dead after she was found in a hot car on Monday afternoon, the Glendale Police Department said.

The girl's father found her unresponsive at an apartment complex near 51st Avenue and Thunderbird Road, according to Ofc. Tiffany Ngalula with the Glendale Police Department.

[WATCH: 18-month-old dies in hot car in Glendale, police say]

Dispatchers told the father to perform CPR on the toddler and he did.

But the girl didn't make it.

"Unfortunately and tragically, that baby died inside of that vehicle due to the conditions," Ngalula said.

[WATCH: Memorial growing for Glendale toddler found dead in car]

The girl was locked inside the hot car for "at least a few hours," said Ngalula.

Both parents, who are in their 30s, were talking to detectives on Monday night. They are "very upset over losing their child," said Ngalula.

The father was the last one to drive the car, according to Ngalula.

While the car does have California and Arizona license plates, Ngalula said the family lives at the apartment complex where the girl was found.

Ngalula didn't say what led up to the girl being left in the car by herself for hours. No one has been charged or taken into custody.

She did have advice for everyone.

"Check twice for loved ones who are unable to let themselves out of a vehicle because ultimately we are responsible for them," said Ngalula.

The temperatures were in the mid-80s in Glendale when the child was found on Monday.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said the inside of a car can heat up to 120 degrees in 30 minutes even when the temperature is at 85 degrees.


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(31) comments


well since the so called
high IQ People just don't get it
here is my idea
mandatory sensors build inside any cars
conntected to the police and FD
and when the sensors detected
biological life with high temperature inside a car
the sensors will send an alarm to the police and FD
problems solved
oh is unconstitutional solution for ya?
well I think abandon your Kid
to a certain death inside a hot car
is way more unconstitutional


Yes, we have the technology to build this. But.... realistically, with sensors and communication devices, you are looking at 1k more per car. 17.2 million cars sold in US in 2018, or 17.2 BILLION in costs to save 37 lives (According to the safety organization Kids and Cars). The issue is why should I be responsible for much higher costs in purchase of a car for parents that can't remember their kids. What if I have no kids? What if my kids are raised? What if I remember to get my kids out of the car? I do agree that letting your kid die in a hot car is unconstitutional (to the kid). Not sure your solution is going to work.


This continues to happen over an over, an no one gets charged. Wow watch out kids don't make your parents mad you'll get locked in a hot car. Come on how many times does it have to be said , Don't leave kids an pets in hot car
. There is no excuse for it at all. If you can't remember your kids, then don't have any.


It always amazes me that we think people who spawn children will mysteriously become automatically imbued with some magical sense of parenthood and intelligence. Spawning children is THE EASIEST thing to do in the world (I know, thank god for abortion) - but raising them is a whole different story. Let's stop thinking that having a child automatically makes you smart and responsible.


Spawning children is the easiest thing to do? You thank God for abortion? You're pathetic..abortion is not some magical cure all for irresponsible sex. That would be BIRTH CONTROL, maybe you should thank God for that! These parents, regardless the IQ each carries, were definitely not worried or concerned about the location of their child. I have 3 kids. Not ever was there a 5 min period of time that I hadn't seen, heard or known exactly where they were. If 5 min passed and I hadn't seen or heard from 1 or all 3, I was looking for them and I didn't stop til I found them. How 2 parents in the same house/apt could let over 2 hours pass before realizing the child wasn't there is child neglect, child endangerment and incompetent parenting. The unbelievable fact that they were not arrested or charged in this child's death is incomprehensible! . My niece left her son asleep in her car, in January while she ran inside a store. Anot her shopper noticed him and called police. She was arrested and sentenced to a year in county jail and now is on probation for 3 years. Her son is alive and well and had no injury resulting from the incident. To top it off, she's been out of jail since Dec 26th 2018. After a year in jail and the 4 months since her release, she has still not seen her son. He was 2 when this happened and he's almost 4 now. She is waiting for her probation officer to OK her to see her son. This infuriates me that these 2 idiot poor excuse for parents kill their child, due to their own wreckless neglect and nothing happens. Yet my niece is still paying for her bad choice. She is not innocent by any means, and I'm not implying she shouldn't have been held accountable for her actions. But seriously? Her son isn't dead and yet he's suffering from having his mom taken away from him.
Those parents who strap their babies o 0k Pl


I agree with you. Charge the people responsible for this along with the ones who can't seem to watch their kids around pools. As far as the negative comments below regarding abortion, it is none of your business what other people decide to do. Sometimes birth control does not work.


Are you effing kidding me? You go do your thing and you have a 18 month old and you within 15 20 minutes of getting home, neither of you go "Oh hey, where is....?" I mean I get its an accident but shoot HOURS? WTF? Wonder if they were on drugs.


Impairment would not surprise me.


That has to be a horrible way to die. Hope there are no other kids for those parents to "forget".


Wonder how many times they forgot their cell phone?????????????? They need to charge the parents with murder.


Debbie - Their cell phone is probably in the front seat with them where they can see it like children used to be before a ridiculous and dangerous law was passed requiring children to ride in the backseat. If parents were required to put their cell phone in the backseat they would forget their cell phone too. Far more children die each year by being forgotten in a backseat than ever died when they could be in the front seat, in the sight of their parents, including in vehicle wrecks. What a horrible, shortsighted law that has cost thousands of children their lives over the past several years. A law that clearly needs to be repealed for the safety of children.


Amen and Amen Debbie. I was going to post the same thing. People have become to preoccupied to even know what is going around them. And I agree, at least manslaughter, and defenitly some serious prison time.


Thank god it wasn't a dog. Not sure the outrage in the comments could be contained.


So stupid to tell drivers to put something important in the back seat but what's more important than a child?! You can't fix stupidity and why is it up to the auto manufacturers to figure out how to protect children in a car, absolutely ridiculous! If people weren't so wrapped up in themselves this wouldn't be happening.


As this article states, the parents were not arrested. Why not? This is clearly parental negligence and child abuse in the highest degree!


until it happens to you, then it's an accident.


Maybe they should have never made that law requiring children to ride in the backseat instead of in the front seat. Parents didn't forget their children in the front seat because they could see them. Far more children have died in vehicles since the law past requiring children to ride in the backseat. Far fewer children died in the front seat, including front vehicle wrecks. Repeal that law, save children's lives.


I disagree. Do you have stats on your comments? More children were flung out of the windows including the windshield when children were still allowed in the front seat than those that died in hot cars. Perhaps you should look at the reasons that these children were left in the cars!


dancinghusker - Not true. Look at the stats. There are far more children who die now from being forgotten in a backseat (out of sight of their parents) than children who died in front seats before this absurd and dangerous law was passed. Repeal the law and save children's lives.


Unless you were directly involved with the EMS system in Phoenix and have evidence I have, then go blow smoke elsewhere. Seeing a dead child in the front seat or one that has gone thru the windshield is not a sight one ever forgets.


Asinine comment. SMDH!


azzlag - Shut your dumb @ss up you clown wanna be legal scholar. You don't know sch!tt. SMMFH!!


glendale, knocking it out of the park!! shootings every day..and when they aren't shooting each other, they are killing their own babies in hot cars! i wish i could live there~!




Why can't you?


I don’t understand how people can leave there kids in the car!! There is no excuse good enough for leaving them in the car. You come out of the car, so do your kids and dogs! Period! R.i.p. little angel.


No excuse!! I'm going to see what it will take to get a sensor in the car that senses when a person is in car. Where if someone is in there the windows roll down automatically in every registered vehicle old or new doesnt matter. You have the option if you have an item to shut it off when you exit the vehicle. But you have to tell it to ignore everytime you shut off vehicle when something is in the back or front seat. Ugh poor little ..something has to be done


Dont worry, those updating their status on social media will continue to let their children die due to their neglect.


That would require intelligence.


Nastie82 - Do you really think you can find a way to stop every form of stupidity through technology or governance?? People will ALWAYS do stupid stuff and people will always DIE as a result. Only liberals think we can legislate or automate our way out of having to take personal responsibility.


Your comment was going good until you had to bring in politics into the discussion. Shame on you.

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