Thousands of bees swarm Gilbert family's front porch

GILBERT, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - A swarm of bees seems to have taken a liking to the Harper family's front porch. So many of them arrived in the past 24 hours that Keli Harper has been getting dozens of notifications from her security camera overnight.

"When I checked the cameras, I literally could not even see my front porch. It just seemed like there was so many -- thousands of them," Harper said.

Bees swarm Gilbert front porch

The swarm of bees was by her garage and in her palm trees before they set up right next to the front porch.

"I'm looking at an area of three feet, and it looks like a bad paint job with texture because there's so many of them," Harper said.

A couple of delivery drivers apparently couldn't believe what they saw either. Harper could see a driver from FedEx in her camera as he dropped off a package, looked closer, and then walked -- and eventually ran -- away. Similarly, a UPS driver had to think twice about where to leave the package when he noticed the swarm.

"I was speechless. My heart was pounding so much. I just couldn't even -- I was afraid to even go to the door," Keli's son Austin said.

He was basically trapped inside all day and could only get to us for an interview after jumping the back fence. "It's a double quarantine," he said. "You really can't go anywhere. You really just can't do anything."

The Harpers told their property management company about it, and they were going to send someone out to take care of the bees. The Harpers found out though it was an exterminator.

"I'm willing to stand down and wait to see if they'll just leave naturally by tomorrow," Keli said. "And if not, well then I've got a whole other problem. My concern is that they're going to actually set up a nest here and that the queen will stay. I'm not very knowledgeable about bees, but I'm worried it can go to the next level."

We spoke with experts at Mountain View Pest Control. They said Tuesday was one of the busiest days they've had all year as far as bee calls go. It is swarming season, which is when growing hives split into two, and half the workforce flies away with a new queen to find a new place to build.

Mountain View says there is a possibility the bees will fly away on their own in the next day or so. But if this type of thing happens at your house, remember that after more than a day, the bees might start trying to build honeycombs in your walls.

Luckily for the Harpers, they were able to find a beekeeper on their own who came to remove the bees Tuesday evening.


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