TEMPE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5)-- The Tempe police officer who shot and killed a 14-year-old boy in January has resigned.

Officer Joseph Jaen's resignation was announced Monday by the Tempe Police Department.

[WATCH: Expert weighs in on resignation of Tempe officer after killing teen]

Antonio Arce, 14, was shot by Jaen on Jan. 15 near 48th Street and Baseline Road.

[BODY CAM VIDEO: Officer involved in shooting of 14-year-old armed with replica handgun]

The officer believed the young suspect had a gun, but it turned out to be an airsoft gun. Arce was running away from the officer when Officer Jaen fired two shots.

"He ran because he was scared," said Arce's brother. "I heard witnesses saying he was screaming, 'Oh my God, oh my God!'"

Arce was taken to the hospital but was later pronounced dead.

“I know probably at least 20 men and women that were involved in shootings and I can easily say that not a single one of them has been unaffected,” said retired Tempe Police sergeant Kevin Boontjer.

Boontjer said even though there are two investigations still ongoing, there are likely two reasons he left the department now.

“The worst case could be it’s a resignation in lieu of being potentially terminated,” said Boontjer. “On the other side it could be a resignation by an officer that has basically just been traumatized by a terrible incident that he was involved in.”

In the body camera footage, we only see the moments right before and after the shots ring out.

Tempe police only showed members of the media the second part of the footage as more officers got to the scene, and as Arce was lying on the ground.

Journalists were not allowed to record what they were shown.

“It’s unusual. It’s not the norm. But they obviously had some reason for doing that that we’re not privy to,” said Boontjer.

After hearing of Jaen leaving the department, Arce’s brother Jason Gonzalez Arce sent Arizona’s Family this statement:

"His resignation has left me speechless. He knows he messed up, that's why he's choosing to resign. Justice shall be served!"

The Maricopa County Attorney is still reviewing the case. 

[ORIGINAL STORY: Tempe PD: 14-year-old boy with airsoft gun shot, killed by police]

Tempe police released the following statement Monday:

"The death of Antonio Arce has deeply affected all those involved. The Tempe Police Department again would like to offer our condolences to the Arce Family.

This afternoon, Chief Moir met with Officer Jaen and accepted his resignation, effective immediately.

The Tempe Police Department’s criminal investigation of the officer involved shooting which occurred on January 15, 2019 remains under review with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. The administrative investigation by the Tempe Police Department remains ongoing.

Officer Jaen’s resignation is independent from the criminal review and administrative investigation. At the conclusion of the criminal review and the administrative investigation, additional information will be available. Regardless of Officer Jaen’s resignation, the Tempe Police Department remains committed to accountability, transparency and strengthening our engagement during use of force encounters."

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(48) comments


In this incident, if that kid had a real gun instead and later shot an innocent person, all the cop haters would be complaining that the cop did do his job. There are too many kids with guns on the streets.


Wow, they take off the comments. Nice fair and balanced lefty journalism azfamily.


comments back now.... wow

Agustus Gloop

37 comments, majority are thoughtful, defensible, passionate yet civil. Trace amount of hate, race bashing and/or build the wall agenda. Zero!!!!!!!!!!!!! West side is the bad side rhetoric. Good job people......Daddy????? WTH are you trying to accomplish? When I first met you I thought you to be as dangerous as a monkey playing with a razor blade. Now, I think of you as an old drool chinned, weak, scared wrinkled up prune of a human. He who eats many prunes, sits on the can for many moons. Hey Daddy!!!!!! I've had too many prunes.


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Amen, Daddy.


Last time I checked it was still legal for a person to run down the street with a gun in their hand as long as they are not pointing it another person. The rest of the legalities were only found out after this kid was murdered FACT !!


Maybe the cop's lawyers will look at your public statement about "Murdered" and take appropriate action.


GOOD !!! Now throw his A$$ in prison for murder !! Scumbag Cop !!

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My name is Daddy Dummy please lube daily before use. I repeat, my name is Daddy Dummy please lube daily before use


Why should the cop get locked up. he made a mistake. just like the kid did when he chose to go out an steal . The kid created the whole situation. had it not been for him the kid would still alive.l.


Thank you Di


Just think a moment before you blame this cop. Most of you haven't tried to make a life and death decision in a microsecond - it isn't easy. You can now try it yourself to see how you do with "simulations" but it is still not as high pressure as the real thing. So walk in his shoes for second. He sees what he thinks is a gun, and has a second to react. It is sad, but not his fault. Sorry. You all remain ignorant because of your lack of information on how hard this must be.


Right you are; add to that the recent rash of cop murders, which only heightens the cop's own reactions as well. He did as he was trained in what he believed a threatening situation, for himself and others. WHY didn't the kid drop the "threatening device", stop, and raise his hands? That would probably have saved everyone a lot of grief.


Someone running away... AWAY... from you is considered a life and death decision?


Yes, the "armed" suspect could have ran and killed innocent by standers.


@Mistery88 So the cop shoots at an individual running away, misses and hits you or one of your family members. How does that scenario play out in your head now?


There is no "life and death decision" when a person is running away from you and has never point a gun in your direction.


@gakeller You are forgetting one little fact, the individual was running away from the cop so where was the threat that this cop felt his life was in danger? Same old story with some cops nowadays! If I'm going to go to work every day with the fear that I'm my loose my life or will be in danger then guess what, I better find a different f#*king job.


Maybe you should..... problem is , the kid was still committing a crime. Which is mostly the reason this happens... if he hadn’t , been in the process hewould still be alive




This is a good thing, the community is now much safer without this trigger happy officer out on the streets. Shooting a fleeing suspect in the back is never acceptable. Now, let's hope the DA does the right thing and criminally charges this man.


kid wasn't innocent but didn't deserve to die for running. cop shouldn't be on force anymore so it's good he isn't. I hope he gets some counseling and then finds a role he is more suited for.

Born in AZ

Okay people, legal status aside, here is my two cents. It was determined a crime was being committed. The suspect of unknown age (at the time) brandished a weapon as he flees from law enforcement. Unbeknownst to the officer it was a toy gun. The officer doesn't know the intentions of the suspect. He could have made it around the alley corner and carjacked someone at gunpoint or worse. The officer made a judgement call to protect the community. It cannot be fun to have to shoot someone. Now that officer has to live with his 'judgement call' after all the details are in. That community should be thankful for this officer's trained judgement.


Did you see the video? Officer not in danger EVER. Shooting kid in the back was WRONG. Murder charge (2nd degree at the least) WARRANTED.

I support police. I support Constitutional rights more. If a police person has an issue and can't determine that a person running from them is not a threat then they need to resign. If a police person is supporting the police person (in favor of their decision) who can't determine this, then they should reconsider their profession. If a police person is in true danger, I have no problem with blowing the assailant away. I saw the shooting (video); this was not the case - they were not in danger.


Neither did YOU see who else may have been at risk from a presumably armed suspect. Your "armed" criminal was still a threat to the community; the people the cop was there to protect!


I saw what the cop saw Navy. So can you. No other threat. No one threatened. Kid shot in back - the end.


Amen to that.


Born in Az so if “your” running down the road holding a gun and a cop shoots you in the back is that ok. This kid was never a threat to this officer HE NEVER TURNED AROUND IN ANY TYPE OF THREATENING MANNER. If it was your son would that be ok

Born in AZ

"You're" right. Why did this officer not ask to see ID to verify "kid" status? Or ask to see the toy in his hand? Oh, that's right, he wasn't given that opportunity. An officer is trained to shoot three rounds to end the threat. Only two were fired, and only one hit the suspect. "To Serve And Protect..." Who? The community, that's who. Could have been you driving by and potentially being carjacked by a kid with a toy gun. Would that be okay?


It was "determined" after the kid was murdered not anytime before and just because a person runs away from a cop with a gun and NEVER pointing his weapon in the officer's direction as the cops own video clearly shows there is no justified reason to shoot a person. The cop murdered a person WITHOUT knowing any of the facts he learned after the murder.


you dummy.


OK Folks, clearly an illegal and likely warranted. These darn over the border pukes.


Daddy Dummy are you trying to disguise yourself as nutsplash because it sure sounds like one of the dumbest comments ever (something you would say) And in case it’s not Daddy Dummy, nutsplash your dumber than Daddy Dummy. I think I’ll monitor the both of you to see who’s the dumbest. This is going to be better than dumb and dumber


Go take your Truvada and cry to your ‘hubby’, then shut your piehole.


Whether the shooting is ruled lawful or not, I can only imagine the mental angst this officer is going through. It is yet another example of the myriad of risks faced by our police officers every day as they work in an impossible job to protect YOU and ME. I can assure he did not set out that day to shoot this suspect - he was only trying to do the job we expect of him when he encountered a gun-wielding suspect who made a terrible error in judgement. It's tragic all the way around, but he should not be vilified.


Go thank him personally, why doncha'? What good does it do for you to post this here? Talk is cheap.


Look at the video. It is hard to see any weapon and that was seen Waaaaayyyyyy before the cop shot them in the back.




Come on thats not even close to "eye for an eye". Whos running the show?


More like bullet for mexican, we are running the show.


When the system breaks down and does not work as it is supposed to or is it would be correct then you have to compensate bend and make up your own rules just as the crooks do so should you.
You also have to leave room for error trial by mistake and in field-tested.. you also have to change when and if needed, crooks making the good ones resighn you know the ones that can't pass drug alcohol testing and so on.[scared]


Thanks, Sergei. We all now understand how important US affairs are in Russia.

Bruce in AZ

Running from the police is not a good idea.

Big Mike 86

So is shooting people in the back


You have mistaken this thug as an actual person.

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