Lorenzo Sanchez, 22

Lorenzo Sanchez, 22

TEMPE, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- A Gilbert man has been arrested for reportedly causing a ruckus at the Jack In The Box restaurant on Mill Avenue in Tempe.

Lorenzo Sanchez, 22, faces multiple charges including criminal damage and assault.

Police say that on April 3, at around 1:30 a.m., Sanchez placed his order at the restaurant's "walk-up" window, then went to pay.

But when his two credit cards were declined, he was asked to leave.

Sanchez did leave, briefly.

But police say he then came back, pushing past other customers waiting for their food, and punched the glass in the walk-up window.

According to the police report, one of the customers tried to get away from Sanchez, and Sanchez "shoved the customer/victim, causing him to hit the wall and fall down to the ground."

The victim grabbed his scooter in an attempt to get away from Sanchez, but police say "Sanchez picked up the scooter and broke it while throwing it around." The victim was injured in the scuffle.

The police report states Sanchez "exhibited extremely violent and hostile behavior directed toward strangers."

Sanchez then forced open a locked door of the Jack In The Box, went inside, and "shoved a computer and register over the counter and onto the floor," according to the police report.

The employee inside became fearful that Sanchez was going to assault him, and "drew his knife in self-defense ‎while telling Lorenzo to leave."

After Sanchez walked out of the restaurant police say he began harassing people in cars outside.

He was taken into custody without incident a short time later.

Police say Sanchez has had prior arrests for disorderly conduct, fighting, trespassing, burglary and theft.

The police report states that Sanchez caused about $5,000 worth of damage to the restaurant.


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The 'brown cancer' continues to spread like wildfire. #standuptocancer


[scared] Come on guys, this is exactly the type of person we want living in our country. Don't you know that the current population of settlers from primarily Europe are the worst of the worst...I mean if we turn this country over to the likes of Sanchez its bound to become even better, right?


Ha, Yeah, us settlers and pioneers from European descent have done such a lousy job making this place what it is today *sarcasm*. Hand this place over to people from other places and it will become just like the place they left in less than a generation. Hand their place to us and we'll make it like America in much less than a generation. It's the people, not the land or the location, who make a place what it is, whether good or bad.


Why should this democrat dreamer have to wait in line or pay for his food? Everything else is given to him for free. Free school, health care, apartment and a monthly check paid for by US Taxpayers.


Where do you get your misinformation? He is neither a Democrat nor a dreamer, having been born here. Go peddlew your hatred on The Daily Stormer.


So you know him? Tell him if he messes around my neck of the woods, we carry and can protect ourselves.


Another dirty Sanchez...

Big Mike 86



Some people are incapable of functioning in society.

JF Conlon

More & more everyday. And we have the good folks at Horizon to watch over them. Hope all these commenters here have lots of money & insurance in case one of them or their relatives become mentally ill. Otherwise, they'll be in deep doodoo.


Horizon, lol. Absolutely, the mental health situation is a disaster. Certain things are worth the taxes, to keep that population off the streets, housed, and getting plenty of the correct treatment they need is well worth the taxes and would be a valuable and beneficial investment in our communities.


Shouldn't he be at a Taco Bell?

Big Mike 86

Wow a racist comment coming from a Trump supporter. Whats new?


A stupid comment from a Clinton lover? U


Another comment about a Trump supporter, after all the assaults on them? Being racist is one thing, but assaulting someone because they support the President of the United States is quite another. If you don't like some comments here, you really don't have to read them.

Jim B

Prior arrests, why is this loser on the streets?


That "rich cultural heritage" benefiting us every single day.....

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