A Tempe construction company was hired to build a privately-funded section of the border wall.

SUNLAND PARK, NM (3TV/CBS 5) -- Work on a privately funded stretch of border wall in New Mexico has come to a halt.

The fence is being built on private land with donated funds. But the city says the landowner doesn't have the right permits to build.

The company hired to do it is from right here in the Valley.

"They would just come over, and you can see the pathways from Mexico where the drugs would run and everything else,” said Fisher Industries CEO Tommy Fisher, as he stood along the border.

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In a rugged area of private land, in Sunland Park, New Mexico, crews from fisher industries are working to build a half mile of the new border fence.

“I think it's going to be very effective," said Fisher. "I’ve heard from multiple border agents. They just can't believe it."

Late last year, a GoFundMe page by the group “We Build the Wall' raised $23 million to build more fencing.

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The group hired Fisher Industries, a Tempe-based construction company, to do the job.

Fisher, the CEO, says their special hanging system that's attached to an excavator can put in multiple panels at a time.

“It makes me feel very very proud," said Fisher. "As well as just the effort that all the employees of the Fisher Industries family have put in to do this amount of work in ten days."

Fisher previously put in a bid with the federal government in hopes of winning the contract to build 234 miles of new barrier along the southern border.

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For now, the Army Corps. of Engineers are chosen to construct new fencing.

Fisher says his company is happy to demonstrate its technique along the border for "We Build the Wall."

“I think we've made really big progress," Fisher said. "People said that there was no way this project would ever be built."

But with half the work complete, construction has temporarily come to a halt. The city and landowners are arguing over whether or not permits were granted for the project.

"The staff has been reviewing those particular documents, and have determined that, at this point, it is incomplete, and that the construction on the wall, at this point, is in violation of city ordinance,” said Mayor Javier Perea of Sunland Park, NM.

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Fisher says they expect to find out if they can get back to work on Thursday morning. He believes it will only take another three or four days to finish the half-mile stretch of fence.

"I’m leaving it up to those guys. If they tell me to stop, I’m going to stop," said Fisher. "They're the customer. If they tell me to go, I’m going to go."

Using Fisher's technique, the half-mile stretch of the border wall will cost about $6 million. With money still left from the fundraiser, Fisher says they're currently scouting other locations for the next project.


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