SAN TAN VALLEY (3TV/CBS 5) -- The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office said three teenagers are dead and another is under arrest after a pursuit ended in a crash Tuesday morning.

Investigators said the pursuit started around 11 a.m. after deputies attempted a traffic stop on the car, which had an expired temporary vehicle registration and was speeding near Schnepf and Hash Knife Draw roads in San Tan Valley.

The driver, identified as 17-year-old Juan Sanchez, somehow lost control of the car and crashed into a cement barricade in the area of Schnepf and Ocotillo roads, about 3 miles north of where deputies first spotted the car.

Three teens, a 16-year-old boy and two 18-year-old men, identified as Amonte Jones and Chase Bulmahn, were pronounced dead at the crash scene. They were not wearing seat belts, PCSO said.

Sanchez, who was wearing a seat belt, was taken to a hospital with minor injuries.

Investigators said they found several kinds of drugs and weapons in the car, including an AR-15, an MP40-style submachine gun, a shotgun and two handguns.

Sanchez later admitted to being high on marijuana at the time of the crash, PCSO said. He faces several charges including three counts of first-degree murder and felony flight.

The name of the 16-year-old passenger was not released.

Sanchez is being held in the Pinal County Adult Detention facility.


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(25) comments


First of all let me start by saying "my heart goes out to the parents/families of all 4 boys. It doesn't matter how or why you lost a child, it's the fact that your child is gone that makes it impossible to process and accept. We as parents feel we should go before our children and the thought of living without them is unimaginable. So to all the parents, I'm sorry for your loss.
Now that aside, a person commented saying these boys were not criminals, well you are wrong. Whether they were or weren't before this incident they were that day. Having the guns was a criminal act. Who knows how they got them but I'm sure that wasn't legal either. Having drugs that was probably stolen along with the that amount of cash was illegal. Driving with expired tags and running from the police is illegal.So at this point they are criminals. Now what went on hours before they were notice by police is what I'm interested in, because I think that's what they really running from. Where did the drugs come from, where did the guns and cash come from? I think there a big piece of the story yet to come. These boys were up to something BAD and the punishment will be on 1 boy. Now he will be punished and probably go to prison for the rest of his life all because he survived. The others are just as guilty as him but because they died he will be held accountable for their deaths as well as the criminal acts they were all doing that brought them all to this tragic ending. These 4 young men are NOT the victims in ANYWAY. However their parents and families are the only victims.


For all of you who are calling them criminals, you know nothing about these teenagers. I am a very close friends who know all but one of them and they weren’t doing or planning anything wrong. The car wasn’t stolen and the guns weren’t being used in any wrong way. They all have families who love and support them and what you adults are saying about teens who could be the same age of your own kids are disrespectful to both them and their families. Being a minority in this state is scary within itself because you already have a target on your back. Charging him with 3 counts of murder isn’t justice. It wasn’t premeditated or willingful those were his best friends. They were scared because of the simple fact that they have guns. You see color on someone and all of a sudden they are criminals. Respect them as a person and not from what they have in the car. No one was hurt but them.

Dwane N

My daughter knew these boys. My heart goes out to the family of those who lost their sons. I successfully got my daughter out of STV and got her to Texas to be with me. I could see things like this happening and I did not want her getting mixed up. It is sad to see drugs and negative forces affect some of our youth. I hope that we can all try and learn from this. Are we perfect parents? No. We try and do the best to our ability. These boys all had moms and dads and today they continue to grieve. God bless and comfort them.


No loss here. Perhaps the 17 year old driver will do us all a favor and join his 3 friends, but it doesn't sound like it.


Great parenting going on there.....sounds like this group is no big loss. Not like they were going to go to Med school or be lawyers or anything.


Where and how did they get a WWll MP40-style submachine gun?

Norman David Plumb

No telling how many lives wre saved by getting those weapons off the streets. Likely all were possessed illegally. Great heads up policing; you ever know what a simple traffic stop will uncover.


Play stupid games .........

Jenn Jenn

How do impaired people always seem to walk away physically unscathed from these horrific wrecks? I surely hope there is something SanTan is holding back from the media in regards to chasing this car..expired registration was not worth it..the guns and drugs are a different topic, and teenagers in possession of them certainly aren’t angels, but this is tragic and unnecessary


The driver was the only one wearing a seat belt. Had the other two been wearing theirs the outcome may have been different, but judging from the rest of the article, making good choices was not in their wheelhouse


WHY did the cops give chase? No good reason for it. They had the license plate and could apprehend the guy later. What a sad waste and testament to "public safety" that is not all interested in the safety of people.


Trained for awesomeness, being an adrenaline junkie is a prerequisite and a bonus (all natural) side effect of giving chase..... such a bad as job,,,, even if the cops are your team and you happen to be a cop, you have a chance of being layed to rest by our boys in blue,,,,, should you flinch torward a driver's license/ wallet, hello flowers, your cell phone, a cup, a hat, a pen, a jigsaw, or anything in your car that resembles anything ever made or consumed by people.

That's my guess. 🍻


Then if you don't want to die, cuz you were dumb enough to make a sudden movement, then maybe you should just sit there, shut up, and do what your told. Otherwise, go get your flowers.


Ohhh to be such an idiot like you. I didnt want to say that, as i figure your just a complete moron, and have zero clue how law enforcement works. But its done.
Now that is out of the way,,i want to pose a very serious question to you. And this question is based on REAL events, the i was involved with.
First of all....lets say the car was stolen, how then would you "apprehend the guy later"? You wouldnt.
Here is the kicker. Lets say you are the police. you try to make a traffic stop. The car takes off. even though you know that this means there is something criminal afoot, you decide to let em go, and just "apprehend the guy later"
30 mins later, those "guys" arrive and one of their ex-girlfriends house...kick in the door, and kill her, and her parents, with the multiple guns they had,
NOW..when the media, and every other person on the planet, finds out YOU let them get away, when you could of caught them, how do you think that is gonna go??? Because YOU WILL lose your job and YOU WILL most likely end up in jail, Not to mention, multiple lawsuits for failure to do your job, and wrongful death. There is a chance that will happen now anyway, BUT in this case, the evidence shows there was criminal activity taking place, and the officers responded within the scopes of their lawful duties,


I certainly have no issue with the police pursuit. Now, if they were to be afraid and hide behind a garbage can and shoot someone in the back, then run up to where it was and hide again not giving aid as the person bled out.... that would be a travesty. Most cops know the difference. It sounds like you do. Thanks for protecting us. Alas, we have some that don't know the difference.


gosh I don't know. Could have been stolen and the owner not yet aware. Or perhaps if the kid is being charged with first degree murder, there's something else going one we don't know about. Look up the legal definition of first degree murder and figure it out.


A death that occurs during the commission of other crimes can be considered first degree murder. The driver had been smoking pot, and they had weapons, AND they were fleeing from the cops. 3 people died, so yes, this is considered first degree murder.


It's called felony murder rule. Look it up.


Public was safe. Criminals got injured. Next time they can just let them go and you can have them come to your house and they can show you what they were going to do with all those weapons in their car. You fool.


It was an expired tag -- a lot of times you see that and it is indicates a stolen vehicle. But with all of those weapons, they were going to be used in Crimes. So, imagine a shooting, and then you would be posting, "why didn't the cops arrest them before they could commit such horrible crimes? They had the chance to pull them over!"


Probably the cops had their "gut instinct" going for them. If you do a job long enough, you develop an innate sense when something just doesn't look right.


sad young lives gone for bad decisions in their lives


From the looks of what is left of the vehicle, speeding is an understatement. Looks more like they were flying low.


"The teen driver later admitted to being high on marijuana " Ah yes marijuana is SO safe.


just as safe as alcohol while driving moron.

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