PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Phoenix police are investigating after a scuffle with multiple suspects led to gunfire near 16th and Roosevelt streets early Sunday morning. 

According to Sgt. Vince Lewis, officers were in the area at about 3:15 a.m. when they saw a group of people in their late teens or early 20s drinking and walking through the streets.

[WATCH: On scene of shooting that included gunfire exchange with police]

Lewis said one of them was seen throwing a bottle at a car. 

Police said the driver told them one person in the group had a gun.

"Having lived here two years I know police are going to respond to that," said Tamara Riggs, who lives in the neighborhood.  "They’re going to disperse whatever is happening which apparently is what happened. I guess from there it spun out of control."

When officers approached the group, everyone scattered.

[MAP: 2019 officer-involved shootings in Arizona]

Lewis said an officer found one of the men, who was believed to be armed and the two fired shots at each other.

Police said the man was hit, and he ran he away.

Officers said gunfire was exchanged between the man and an officer.

The suspect then ran onto the off-ramp of the I-10 freeway. 

Police said the man tried opening the doors of a waiting car before collapsing in the road.

[VIDEO: 1 suspect dead, 3 arrested after officer-involved shooting in Phoenix]

That suspect was then pronounced dead, Lewis said. 

On Monday, Police identified the suspect as 17-year-old Robert Rabago. 

It is unclear whether or not the suspect was hit by a vehicle. Lewis says the suspect was struck by gunfire. The cause of death will be determined by the medical examiner.

Another suspect was found by two other officers, one with a K-9. The officers deployed both the K-9 and a Taser, and the suspect was arrested. 

Lewis said two other people were also arrested at the scene.

No officers were injured. 

"It's pretty scary to think that we're in a transitioning neighborhood and that could happen," said Riggs. "I mean I've been concerned the rest of the day as you can imagine, but the truth is it doesn't happen very frequently. I've been here two years, and that's by far the biggest thing that has happened."

Sixteenth Street  between McDowell Road and Roosevelt Street is back open.


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(17) comments


I live near where this happened. Typical juvenile hispanic and black behavior. Oh guess who commits most of the violent crimes? Not white people, not Asian people. How did a 17 year old get a gun? We need another man like Sheriff Joe to put illegals and hispanic cockroach gangbangers where they belong.


Look at this guys Facebook....Thank you Phoenix PD for taking care of the trash!

Comment deleted.
JF Conlon

Good thing for you that Sam Walton was a white guy.

Comment deleted.

Which ones do you own?

Tentacles of Poison

Support the right to white


THANK YOU officers for, once again, putting your lives on the line to protect US. You are HEROES and you are appreciated! I'm glad no worthwhile lives were lost.


Why don't you go down to the station and thank them personally. Ya' think any of them have time to read your comments? How much do you actually think they would appreciate your platitudes posted in a comment section? Buy them some gift cards, if you really think they deserve them. Talk is cheap.


Pot calling the kettle black.


Hopefully, chief Williams will back up her cops or stay out of it. She doesn't have a good history of backing up the people who back us up.


Chicken in a basket...Chicken in a casket.


Glad the car git the suspect that's great 👍

Paul Labiche



You don't speak English, either- do you?


"The suspect then ran onto the off-ramp of the I-10 freeway and was hit by a car."

LMAO!!! Hope that front bumper tasted good.

Paul Labiche



Wow. Breaking news and only 38 words long.


Another criminal-involved shooting

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