CHANDLER, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- The Chandler Police Department has located and identified the person who was involved in an officer-involved shooting with the Arizona Department of Transportation early Thursday morning.

On Thursday evening, Chandler PD identified the suspect as 26-year-old Kamari Ameir Diamond.

Police say ADOT officers were serving the arrest warrant on an out-of-state woman at an apartment complex near Alma School Road and Chandler Boulevard.

They say an ADOT officer shot at the woman after she got inside of her car and rammed an ADOT vehicle.

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The suspect then got out of her car and fled the scene.

On Thursday afternoon, Chandler police located two people who were involved in the incident. One of the suspects was confirmed to be the suspect from the shooting this morning. She was transported to an area hospital with a gunshot wound to her hand. 

The other person found is considered an investigate lead at this time.

Around 100 police officers including SWAT and K9 were involved in the search.

No ADOT officers were injured.

Chandler PD said the suspect identifies herself as a female and is being charged with two counts of Aggravated Assault on a police officer.

The Chandler Police Department is handling the investigation of the officer-involved shooting.

There are about 200 sworn ADOT officers statewide, according to ADOT director of communications Timothy Tait. 

Most of them are uniformed officers that inspect commercial vehicles.

ADOT said 37 officers are detectives in the Phoenix area.

"We do have a detective squad that works on investigating these criminal cases like fraud, forgery, identity theft and other crimes that really have an impact on people around the state," explained Tait. "Identity theft is such a significant crime and ADOT is one of the few agencies that is solely focused on those types of offenses that could really devastate someone's life and livelihood."

Chandler police said the ADOT officers were serving search warrants for a person suspected of fraud.

"ADOT officers work around the state and it's not uncommon to see police officers in the valley serving search warrants from one city to the next, that's a common practice," Tait explained. "These are not rookies who are doing this type of investigative work and dealing with these sophisticated criminals."

"Almost all of them carry weapons just like any other police officer," explained Tait. "They face dangers every day. Today's incident illustrates that. Both our officers and our detectives are experienced peace officers in Arizona and really they expect the unexpected just like any other police officer on the street."


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(5) comments


Why in the world is the Arizona Department of Transportation serving what must be a felony arrest warrant? Thought U.S Marshal,vDPS or local police served out of state warrants?


Did you read the story? It explains all that quite well.


Well ... they are probably being funded by the new $32 registration add-on! TSA w/ guns!!
Whenever you are in a high density location (like an apartment complex) you always shoot at people running away from you (article says police don't believe the person is armed). Just be sure to mention that you thought your live was in danger.
AND ... If you know the warrant recipient is 20yrs old ... send someone who can run as fast as a 20 year old!!


Why is ADOT serving warrants and shooting someone? Isn't this Chandler Police and or DPS's jurisdiction?


64zona - Because ADOT officers are trained/certified police officers just the same as Chandler or DPS...

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