Avondale police arrest a man who allegedly attacked and robbed a landscaper last week

PHOIENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- A man has been arrested after allegedly killing a man, beating a woman, lighting a house on fire and beating a landscaper in Avondale.

Avondale police confirm 30-year-old Gabriel Gutierrez beat a landscaper on Feb. 4 where he assaulted the man, robbed him and took other items in his possession. It happened outside an Avondale Apartment complex last Thursday.

Today, that landscaper and an eyewitness to the beating spoke exclusively to Arizona’s Family about the incident.

“I got a big punch in my face big punch in my face,” said landscaper Polo Gomez.

Landscaper Polo Gomez

Landscaper Polo Gomez's injuries after he was allegedly attacked and robbed by 30-year-old Gabriel Gutierrez.

For the first time since it happened Gomez is revisiting the scene.

“I don’t remember nothing,” said Gomez, I was in so much of a daze, I couldn’t fight back,” said Gomez.

"The landscaper was just minding his business and all the sudden this guy attacks him,” said 20-year-old Olivia Simmons. She was sitting in her car when she saw the whole thing happen.

"I’m on the phone with the cops, I tell him everything I’m seeing. He ends up kicking the guy in the face, he [the victim] was like an older man so he couldn’t defend himself,” said Simmons.

Simmons showed police video of the suspect, believed to be Gutierrez, moments after the attack.

“He seemed calm when He walked away like nothing happened, like he didn’t just beat this old man,” said Gutierrez.

In the video you can see the suspect carrying a bag in his hand Gomez said was his. It contained money he had been saving to send his family in Mexico.

A fundraising effort is accepting donations to go to Gomez's recovery.

Police said the this attack was just part of a crime spree Gutierrez committed spanning several days.

In another instance, court paperwork indicates Gutierrez hit a woman several times with a handheld butane bottle and torch at a home in Phoenix on Feb 8.

In that incident, the victim told police Gutierrez hit her 30 to 40 times and dragged her to the bedroom where he bound her hands and feet with cords, which he tore from lamps and other electrical devices. He then placed a gag in her mouth and a pillowcase over her head.

According to court paperwork, Gutierrez lit several areas of the home on fire with the butane torch and fled the area. The woman was able to free herself enough to get out of the burning house and neighbors were able to help free the bindings placed on her hands and feet.

The victim sustained numerous injuries to her face, head and upper body.

Police believe the whole incident began after the victim saw a news clip about a murder that happened on Feb. 7 in Avondale and recognized the vehicle belonging to Gutierrez. The victim told police Gutierrez was upset about her comment and was paranoid about the incident.

Avondale police arrest suspect in deadly weekend shooting

Gutierrez was taken into custody on Tuesday without incident by Phoenix police and questioned by police. The suspect admitted to hitting the victim several times in the face and tying her up with cords.   

Gutierrez is facing attempted 2nd degree murder, arson and other charges. He is also the primary suspect in the Sunday homicide and Feb. 4 assault where is facing separate charges.


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