PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Arizona is one of the most dangerous states in which to date, according to

Researchers looked at key factors like violent crime, cybercrime statistics, STD data and along with sex education information. Read the full report here.

Catfishing seems to be one of the biggest problems for online daters.

The FBI says people looking for love in america lost $230 million on catfishers just last year.

Another study found 22 percent of Tinder profiles are already in a relationship.

The most dangerous states in which to date

1. Alaska

2. Louisiana

3. Mississippi

4. Georgia

5. Nevada

6. Arizona

Safest states in which to date

1. Vermont

2. West Virginia

3. New Hampshire

4. Maine

5. Utah

With so many websites and apps to choose from, dating is not for the faint of heart.

A Standford study says in 1995 most couples met through friends at about 33 percent.

According to Stanford's study, 39 percent of couples met online in 2017. That's followed by a bar or restaurant.

This is where you could find love, just be careful out there.

Because as Pat Benatar called it so long ago, love is a battlefield.

Read Stanford's full report here


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(9) comments


Didn’t need a study to tell me that -


States overrun with illegals and blacks are the most dangerous? [whistling]

Rico Rush

I surprised UTAH is on the list of safest... Uhh there is some crazy stuff going on in that state.


We are a proud state!

TRUMP supporter

With the amount of seniors, illegals and druggies that live here i'm not surprised.

Show Me Data

Your author claims "[a] Standford study says in 1995 most couples met through friends at about 33 percent." That represents a misreading or misinterpretation of the data provided in the study. Actually, most (the other 67 percent) met through other methods. Here's the lesson for it's a bad idea to publish an article written by someone who lacks the ability to understand the data set and research methods used in research studies.


Look at how many illegals are in the dangerous states.


Look at how many inbred white trash live in the top states.


Inbred because they’re afraid to leave their homes to get murdered and raped due to the overrun of illegals and blacks.

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