State calls for more foster parents for record number of Arizona kids in need

By Andrew Michalscheck

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- At the Sherrin home in Glendale, the many stickers symbolizing family members on their car are the first hint that this is a big family.

"The most important thing to you usually is your family. And can you imagine being a child and it's all of a sudden ripped apart from you, and you have nobody," said Lorraine Sherrin.

That idea shaped Sherrin and her husband's calling to adopt 12 children and foster many more.

"Granted you can have nice cars and a clean house but what has that done for somebody else's life," asked Sherrin.

But there are not enough families like the Sherrin's and there are thousands of kids who dream of homes like there's. The number of Arizona children now in the foster care program tops 13,000, partially thanks to more adults calling in concern for kids.

"They're calling us and having those calls about those concerns about children answered, and some of those children are in imminent danger, and have to be removed and placed in a safe environment," said Deidre Calcoate with the state Division of Children, Youth and Families.

Because of those numbers, the State is putting out the call for more families to make their house a home for kids in need. Sherrin doesn't sugar coat it; there are challenges and sacrifices must be made. But in her mind, healthy and happy kids make every minute worth it.

"I want to take more and want other people to open their house and home," said Sherrin. "The rewards are amazing."

For information on becoming a foster parent from the State of Arizona, click here.


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