PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - A new state bill would allow businesses to reduce the minimum wage for certain young people.

House Bill 2523 cleared a house committee this week, giving Republican Rep. Travis Grantham an early victory.

"There's a tremendous market out there for people who will work ten hours, five hours, 15 hours,” he said. “Right now, it's very difficult for a lot of employers to hire those individuals.”

Under Rep. Grantham’s proposal, Arizona’s businesses could ditch out on the state's $11 minimum wage in favor of the federal minimum wage of $7.25.

The bill would affect people under 22, who are in school full time and work part time.

"Employers are really excited about this,” Rep. Grantham said. “It gives them the chance to broaden the workforce and giving job seekers the chance to find a job."

Not everyone is happy with it.

In fact, Arizona’s Students' Association said the measure amounts to discrimination for young people.

"If I can serve my country at 18 years old, why should I not be able to get paid what I deserve to get paid?" asked Caesar Aguilar of the Arizona Students’ Association.

Aguilar told Arizona’s Family the bill would lead to a drop in enrollment at Arizona’s schools.

He said he believes students will quit lower-paying jobs and in turn, quit school because tuition will be too expensive.

"(Students) are drowning in debt and it makes us harder to survive," Aguilar said.

House Bill 2523 will now go to the full House for a vote. Among those supporting the bill is Arizona’s Chamber of Commerce.


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(6) comments


Last time I checked ageism was still illegal. How is this even a bill, it’s a waste of time on the tax payers dime.


Let's not worry about what the people voted for ... If it didn't turn out the way we wanted we will just pass another law to undermine that vote.
Come on folks ... write these people's names down and make sure you don't vote for them. They are not your representatives. [thumbdown]


So, instead of education, emphasize working for lower wages? "My dream is to work at a drive-thru until I'm old enough to graduate, about 35", said Stupid E. Fool the Third.


Hey Caesar Aguilar would students rather have a job at 7.25 or no job? You are obviously not old enough to understand how businesses work. If the minimum wage is too much they will not hire part time workers or students who for the most part tend to not be reliable and need special considerations around their classes..


If the "business" can't afford to pay their workers then they aren't a viable business.
Let's see if we can get some dope to initiate legislation to keep us in slave labor.
The supply of illegal immigrants must be drying up ... they could do whatever they wanted with them and threaten to call ICE if they complained.


And you obviously don't know how the economy works. Raising the minimum wages boosts worker productivity, reduces turnover, reduces absenteeism, increases consumer spending, and grows the economy.

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