SRP monitors the power grid

SRP keeps an eye on the power grid from their Scottsdale control center. (SOURCE: 3TV/CBS 5)

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3 TV / CBS 5) Hot summer temperatures can be tough on the electrical grid. But as temperatures rose above 110 degrees Thursday, everything was cool and calm in SRP’s Scottsdale control center.

[VIDEO: Extreme heat presents challenges to the electrical grid]

“We take all of those high temperatures into account,” said SRP Director of Transmission and Generation Operations Steven Cobb.

Inside the control center, workers monitor a giant wall of lights which maps out SRP’s electrical grid. Here, they can spot outages or other problems quickly, and work to find a fix.

“In the summertime, making sure those air conditioners are running is one of our primary concerns,” Cobb said.

To ensure a steady flow of power all summer long, SRP says they perform constant maintenance throughout the year. Their equipment is also specially suited for Arizona’s high heat.

“So for instance, with transformers, we have circulating pumps that take oil through a radiator that is within the transformer. We have fans that keep them cool,” Cobb said. “The generating station equipment, they're equipped with cooling devices to make sure they can stay within their temperature operating range."

And even if a facility goes down when usage peaks, SRP says they’re currently generating power in reserve.

“The number one driver is to make sure I keep the lights on all the time,” Cobb said. “And I think that’s shared by our entire SRP team.”


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