PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - A south Phoenix mom is begging thieves to return a cross she put on the side of the road to honor her son who was killed in a crash.

Lashonda Hill says her son, Keith Pounds, was on his way home after working an overnight shift Feb. 28, 2019, when he got into a deadly crash near Southern and 23rd avenues.

[WATCH: PHX mom says roadside memorial for dead son was stolen]

Phoenix police say Pounds veered into oncoming traffic, hitting another driver head-on. The other driver survived but Pounds later died at the hospital. Investigators say impairment was not a factor.

“I got the devastating news,” says Hill. “He was only 25, you know, so I still had a lot to teach him.”

It took Hill months to get the courage to visit the crash site and build a roadside memorial, but she says four days after putting up the personalized cross, it vanished.

“They’re heartless, got to be heartless to do this,” says Hill.

[ORIGINAL STORY: 1 killed in head-on crash on Southern Avenue in Phoenix]

She filed a police report and called the City of Phoenix. A City spokeswoman says its maintenance crews have a general policy of leaving roadside memorials alone. It’s unclear who took the cross and why.

“I know he’s in a better place,” says Hill. “And this is just sentimental value, it’s not of importance, you know, but it means something to me.”

Hill says she’s hoping whoever took the cross will bring it back to the site.


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(5) comments


sorry, meant to say *grieving not *graving.. lol unfortunate typo


I get the distinct impression a number of AZfam posters here go out of their way to write pejorative commentary on story's that center around non-whites. This mom is grieving for her lost child and people are apparently way too thick to understand and respect the graving process.. At the very least, these monuments are a good reminder to be a good driver and if you're too tired or whatever, pull over and stay safe. Stay alive. --


I've never understood the reasoning behind these roadside monuments, Why the need to share your grief with people you don't know. I've always felt that this should be a private thing.

Tony G

The original purpose was to memorialize loved ones killed in vehicular accidents. While I respect those who erect these sites to remember where their loved ones perished, I do see them as an eyesore to most who do not know these individuals and may find them disturbing. I have seen stretches of highways and roadways that you cannot travel more than 2 miles without seeing one. I have also seen intersections that are littered with them because so many accidents occur there. Thankfully not everyone that dies on the highways has a roadside memorial set up for them. Otherwise you would not be able to go more than two blocks on a major thoroughfare without passing one. I am of the opinion that memorials should be limited to grave sites or private memorials. Otherwise, they serve no other purpose than to be an eyesore for most.


Just get a tattoo, t-shirts with his photo on them, and cover the back window of your ride with a huge RIP sticker like all the other ethnics. We don't need to see that litter on the side of the road.

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