Stewards for the McDowell Mountains stopped traffic to the Tom's Thumb trailhead Saturday, Feb. 23, 2019. They explained to hundreds of visitors looking to hike and play in the snow that the popular trailhead on Happy Valley in North Scottsdale is closed due to snow.

They say the soil can't handle the amount of snow that came down in such a short amount of time. They also say this area has not seen this type of snow fall in some 60 years.

The trail is expected to open Monday.


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Closed. What? The trail is rock. I lived up in Idaho and hiked and biked there, Montana, Washington, and Wyoming for 5 years in snow... light or heavy snow. Who is making this call to close a trail because of the snow laying on the trail. Are they geologists? Not likely. Why don't the other states close there trails down all fall and winter? I can see closing the parking lot because people may get stuck. Don't get sucked into the rangers and supervisors claiming they know what's best for the environment. Trails and dirt roads are
getting shut down a lose your right to public lands people.

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