MESA (3TV/CBS 5) -- Former Sen. Jeff Flake has listed his Mesa home for sale. The 4,625-square-foot house has five bedrooms and 3.5 baths. It is located near Greenfield and McKellips roads. The list price is $650,000.

The house is located in an upscale, gated neighborhood with a community tennis court and playground. The Flakes are now empty nesters and are looking to downsize. They plan to buy a smaller home in the Phoenix area. 

Click here to see the Mesa listing.


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NY or Mexifornia would be a better fit for him

Jim B

Flake is a flake.


Jeff Flake is correctly called a RINO as he happily worked with Obama and constantly undermined President Trump. Hence his not being able to run for a second senatorial term. He wasted Arizonans' time and money by not accomplishing anything but dividing us.


Can't wait to see him move. I assume he is moving to Russia, China or beautiful Venezuela. They each have politics he agrees with and all of them have nice one room, shared bath, options in the gulag. He can take his dog for a walk in the communal park. Knowing how much he despises common, everyday Americans, he'll adjust quite nicely.


How do you say he despises common, everyday Americans (what other kind is there, really?). Make a specific point, please.

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