A worker with the Arizona Public Service (APS) worker is killed after an explosion sent flames shooting out of a manhole in downtown Phoenix Sunday night.

[STORY: APS worker dead after underground fire in downtown Phoenix]

The incident occurred just after 10:30 p.m. at an APS underground electrical vault near the area of First Avenue and Washington Street.

[MAP: Downtown Phoenix buildings without power due to fire]

APS told firefighters that they had two workers down in the vault when the fire occurred.

[VIDEO: APS worker dead following underground fire in downtown Phoenix]

According to Phoenix fire, one of the workers was able to get out of the vault and suffered burn injuries to his hands and face. He was transported to Maricopa Medical Burn Center in stable condition.

Once firefighters extinguished the fire, they were able to confirm that the other worker was dead.


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It's beyond reprehensible that anyone would make disrespectful comments when a tragedy such as this occurs. Those who are guilty should be ashamed of themselves. RIP to the worker.


This man who was killed was a friend of mine. A good God-fearing , Christ worshipping man. To those who don't know a thing about him , some of your comments I hope are never said about your passing. His family would greatly appreciate your quiet, kept to yourself ignorance.


I think they should be renamed "PeopleHoles". And we could shorten that to PeepHoles.


I was thinking Glory Holes.

Tony G

I am surprised there is any thinking going on between your earholes. Usually what spews out is a waste anyway.


Flash electrical fire, very dangerous.


I find the term manhole offensive. (always wanted to jump on that "Ifind that offensive" bandwagon) [rolleyes]


Man Too Movement....let's start it today !

Mister Frisk

automatically excludes you, Nutsplash...

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