PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Prepare to say goodbye to Sky Harbor's Terminal 2. 

The Phoenix City Council approved plans Wednesday to demolish the old terminal. 

However, it's likely not going to happen for another two years.

Sky Harbor officials said Terminal 2 won't be demolished until Terminal 3's makeover and expansion are complete. That's estimated to be sometime in 2020. 

Terminal 3's improvements include better food options at the gates, along with more modern and comfortable waiting spaces. 

According to Julie Rodriguez, Phoenix Sky Harbor spokeswoman, Terminal 3's construction is 70 percent done. 

"The good news is the worst of the construction and inconvenience is almost over," she said. "During this Terminal 3 modernization, walks have been a little longer; it's been less convenient to drive around Terminal 3. That is almost over." 

Right now, airport officials said there are no set plans for what could be built on Terminal 2's land once it's leveled. 

Terminal 2, which opened in 1962, is the airport's smallest and oldest terminal. The airlines that fly out of it include United, Spirit, Alaska, Boutique and Contour. Those airlines will move to Terminal 3. 

Some passengers are excited about the change because they'll have better food choices.

Others say they will miss Terminal 2's convenience. 

"That's too bad. I love Terminal 2," said Jack Arnold, who was picking up his grandchildren from Terminal 2 Thursday. "It's small, compact; easy to find things. Parking is right across the street; it's easy to park." 

Airport officials explained the multi-million-dollar demolition is needed because Terminal 2 is outdated, too small to accommodate bigger planes and more passengers and would be more expensive to remodel than destroy.

"Terminal 2 was state-of-the-art in 1962 when it opened and it really did serve Phoenix well for decades, but it wasn't built for the aircraft and passengers of today," said Rodriguez. 

One piece of history that won't get demolished in Terminal 2 is the iconic Phoenix mural which made its debut in 1962. 

It's in three sections and pays tribute to Phoenix's past, present and future. 

The first section shows the railroad. The middle section's focus is of the mythical Phoenix bird. And the last section is the artist's interpretation of what the future of technology would look like. 

Gary Martelli, the airport museum curator, explained the 16-foot-by-75-foot mural is made up of 52 different materials including gemstones, sand from different counties across the state and mosaic glass. Artist Paul Coze created the mural. 

"I've always been impressed by the construction of it," said Martelli.

He explained it was important for the airport to make sure it didn't get destroyed in the demolition plans. 

"We knew it was very beloved by the citizens of Phoenix and we received many many phone calls and letters from the general public asking about what's going to happen to the Phoenix mural," he said. 

Martelli said the mural will be preserved and moved to a different part of the airport for passengers to enjoy. He's not exactly sure when that will be yet. 

To read the City Council agenda regarding the terminal decision, click HERE and go to page 117.


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