PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Hikers at Piestewa Peak told authorities they were dodging bullets on the trail on Monday, a day after campers in Fossil Creek experienced a similar incident.

On Sunday, a guide with Ancient Wisdom Survival School took a student out near a creek to gather edible items, but their lunch was interrupted by gunfire.

"We heard three or four bullets whiz over our head and they were really close," explained the guide, Justin Lunt. "I yelled at her to get down and I put her down in the low spot of where the walk was and then I laid down and a couple more were fired and then they just stopped."

Lunt said the bullets seemed to stop when they were hidden.

"I went to go get my stove and my backpack and all that and they started shooting again," Lunt said. "This time I jumped behind the rock and three of the bullets hit the rock and a piece of the rock or a part of the lead hit me right in the face. At that point I knew it wasn't just someone target shooting or random shots; they were shooting at us."

Lunt and the student were able to get out of the line of fire.

Yavapai County Sheriff's Office said they are investigating but don't have any leads on a suspect description as an immediate response was not possible. The area where the incident occurred is only accessible by ATV or helicopter, neither of which were available before nightfall.

Lunt said he just wants to know why they were being shot at.

"Were they protecting something? Were they doing something they shouldn't be doing? What were the causes, because right now it's just all guesses," Lunt said.

On Monday, hikers near the summit at Piestewa called police after hearing gunshots coming from the Hopi parking lot.

Phoenix police said they discovered three men--Forte Nicholas, 29, Kyonne Hodge, 38, and Aaron Bradford, 23--shooting at a saguaro cactus.

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According to court paperwork, the gun belongs to Nicholas, who told the others it was "OK to shoot at the mountains."

They took turns firing at the cactus and watching Nicholas' 1-year-old child who was sitting in a car seat under an awning.

The report says the men were also smoking marijuana while shooting.

The men are facing several charges, including child endangerment and misconduct involving a weapon.


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