PHOENIX (3TV/CBS5) -- Backed up pipes and raw sewage have residents holding their noses at the Orangewood Apartments in Phoenix.

“It’s kind of like living in an apartment with poop. Because that’s what it is,” said Claudian Cordova, a resident at Orangewood Apartments.

Cordova says her kitchen sink and bathroom toilet are constantly backing up with sewage.

She says the smell is unbearable.

“It’s a combination of like rotten egg or gas,” Cordova said.

Along with the stench, Cordova says she and the five children she cares for can’t use their bathroom or kitchen, forcing them to use facilities in another unit.

“There’s only so much I can do here in my home for my children’s health,” Cordova said.

Residents blame property management for not fixing the septic issues.

“There’s a responsibility. You can’t just ignore them,” said Christina Thill, another resident at the complex.

Raw sewage has also leaked and dried around the property, attracting flies and creating a stink.

“It’s horrible,” Thill said. “It’s horrible because I gotta smell it every day!”

Arizona’s Family tried calling property management for answers, but the person who answered the phone promptly hung up.

Meanwhile, Maricopa County Environmental Services confirmed that they’ve launched an investigation and have given notice that property managers need to fix the sewage issues by Monday.

They say they’ll have inspectors on site to check things out.

But other than some lime powder dumped on a raw sewage leak, little appeared to have been done Saturday evening.

Residents say they just want to live in a home that doesn’t stink.

“They come, they walk around, but nothing’s really fixed,” Cordova said.


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(27) comments

JF Conlon

Choosing to declare bankruptcy and choosing to live in substandard housing are two completely different things. If your 'choice' is to live with raw sewage, that tells me that you're pretty much out of choices. If you can't see the difference, I hope your diety helps you find some empathy.


Of course I see the difference...every day. I see it in the 3800 sq ft I live in, and not the 750 sgt ft with raw sewage, genius. You seem to have wandered, like a few other posters on here. I never once mentioned in my original comment, ANYTHING that had to do with the type of people who are affected by this situation, or how they ended up there, or if they have or do not have the ability to get out of that situation. You morons brought that into the equation. All I said was...your gonna get what you pay for. Simple as that. I never said better quality apts do not have these issues. Look at Lakeview or Lakeside apts in chandler. They are SUPPOSED to be some well-to-do apts...1400 and up for a 3 bedroom...wife spent 4 long months there...AC unit in ceiling was leaking water...RAW SEWAGE coming up through the bath drain...So stop with the bandwagon jumping-to-conclusions-based-on-your-own-ineptness.


It sincerely amazes me that neither the journalist writing piece nor any of the spirited commenters have mentioned that these residents do not need to be paying rent directly their landlord every month. Renters in Arizona have a right to livable conditions, and luckily there is recourse in a situation like this. You can legally send your rent to, i believe, the county government who will hold it until the issues have been resolved. if the landlord is getting their income every month what incentive do they have to fix the problem? It's the free market, and realistically renters have no ability to Force action on the part of the landlord except by civil suit or by voting with their darn dollars. and it's clear that the journalist who wrote this piece either didn't give enough of a darn to figure this out, which is shamefully lazy... Or they left that information out because it didn't fit in with the ambiental pathos of the piece which is honestly worse... or maybe they just think that their audience is too stupid to keep track of more than one main idea through a written news article?


"spirited commenters"? More like white conservative Arizona dipshits. They make up the bulk of the people here.


dam right, socialist snowflake. Quit crying like a bi@#ch, and deal with it :D


So you'd agree you're a dipshit? Great!


Well, I guess if you only pay 400 a month for rent, this might happen. But they deff. need to string up the managers.

Wayne kenoff

Let me know where rent is 400. Actual facts and not your naive opinion


My mistake. I cant imagine having to pay a penny more than that, for apts like that. I guess I don't qualify to make my previous statement. I rent a 3 bd house for 1700, and the house I own, im renting out for over 2500. So I apologize..I guess im in a different universe.


Would love to get those rates trs. You get them in the Valley? I'm nowhere near that (but way above 400)


Pretty much. The house im renting, is north valley area. The house I own and rent out is in 'tukee

JF Conlon

Yes, the universe many of us fellow Americans live in is very different. Here there are people working two+ crappy jobs to pay the rent (not at your places), old people on SS, disabled people . . . oh, just all sorts of 'others'. And, no, I don't know what their political opinions are.


Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, AND the bankruptcy :) Fortunately, though hard work, and some adversity, things turned around, and i'm in a pretty decent place in life. Still have plenty of debt...but its debt I can enjoy :)


No! of course you can't imagine because your mindset is in a place above these people, whom which have chosen to live where they are at now. That is obviously more than you guessed but definitely no where's where your above class or standards of living would ever be. You down right just insulted these people whom have chosen to live where they are at currently. How do you know if they did'nt work hard at whatever they did in life and happen to like where they have chosen to reside but their management on that premises just made the place unfit and scuzzy. But no you have nerve to kindly put it in your choice of words to knock these individuals down because oh! you have that entitlement that we call freedom of speech. That is true! but it also shows your condesending transparent snotty little booty charachter and mindset in how you view & think and are as an individual 🙌 sleep tight feel good within yourself in that ugly little self of yours in that little piece of world you call yours and stay in that bubble because stepping out of it and sharing your thoughts of ugliness is going to be shut down and I hope you continue to get bad reception from here on out continously and you change your heart that changes that mindset because it's ugly. Just because you worked to get where you're at now does not mean to down or look down at others choices or think your level is the epitamy of achievements to say the next person that is not where you're at is less. Their choice may not have been your choice but leave it at that! not yours. By the sounds of you. The very type to not be phased. How could a snot like you ever be phased. I bet you have never done any self reflecting. Not righteous trsalemme. You probably view others like these people whom chose to live in those apartments the so called $400.00 ones. That they are the screwed up ones versus yourself. Put it this way. I'd rather be penniless any day rather than be rich and empty oh and let me not forget to add ugly. That's a 💯

Pink Llama

your mistake........ if you know so much about the rental rates here... if you could direct me to an apartment for 400 please.... please.. let me know..... that would be fantastic


Short & sweet 😊 🙌


Exactly that!! a far fetched guess. But your guessing is obviously by your assumptions and judging. In so many words you basically are saying you get what you pay for. Or wait! here's another good one. Apartments or homes in higher paying brackets or maybe location don't experience crappy situations. You obviously live in perfection. You been fortunate unlike the less fortunate. A bit ignorant and condescending smh......I could have over looked and not even given you the satisfaction of acknowledgment but it does deserve a frown 😕 God forbid you ever go through turmoil of any sort in your home. Just because you lack experience does not mean to be calus or non compassionate to the next person that is or has gone through something with what's been shared here.


" because stepping out of it and sharing your thoughts of ugliness is going to be shut down " bahah shut up moron. I'm waiting for the shutdown.....
A few points of contention;
-I am not rich, as much as you would like me to be, as it would help justify your bitterness of your own pathetic situation.
"Apartments or homes in higher paying brackets or maybe location don't experience cruddy situations"
You are dumb as a rock.
"you basically are saying you get what you pay for."
Im saying, now, that you are an ignorant retrd. Did you even read what I said? I said I had been there, done that. If you do not know what that translates to, ask someone at your next Dr. apt at the free clinic. I have been busting my butt for 47 years...I never said these people didn't.
I have had plenty of adversity in life. Ill make you a deal:


Go serve in the military for 18 years ( combination of active and National Guard)
Spend 14 months in a combat zone..get blown up a few times..shot at...mortars dropped on you...
While you are doing all of that....have 3 kids...go on welfare...GET OFF welfare, become state law enforcement...get divorced.....file bankruptcy....get re married..then divorced again...have both parents die....then finally settle into a federal job. Untill you do that, you jealousy and bitterness just prove that, like some others in your/their situation, you would rather complain about how bad you have, rather than make it better.
"Just because you lack experience "
Ohhh you sad..sad person. I really do now feel sorry for you.

Pink Llama

Not everyone who lives in apartments in on welfare..... I resent your comments completely. I find it hard to believe a member of the US Armed Forces.... who has been deployed... who has seen combat.... who has witnessed poverty, destruction, and despair across the world, would be so arrogant. Equally disturbing is your vocalization of your ignorant view... is ..... truly funny. Feel sorry for these "sad sad people" Meanwhile, i laugh at you.... becuase personally i think your a liar.... i think your arrogant.... and i thank you for your generalization about people who live in apartments such as this. Good to see that after your "service" you continue to make such a positive impact on your community. Truly... we should "thank" you .......

Too bad the mortars missed eh?


Awhhhh wishing death on me? See I didn't even go that far. Sorry you are so resentful of your own life..:/ Its funny how a simple statement can be over generalized, to fit another persons opinion. Sadly, I am not a liar. You are missing the point. Someone else, who was attempting to ostracize me, actually helped me. They said.. " blah blah...and people who chose to live in these apt are blah blah.." So ok. They chose to live there. for whatever the reason. good for them. don't expect to get resort amenities. You get what you pay all I said. Then all the buthurt started. No need to thank me. The VA thanks me every month, thanks to the roadside bombs that DIDNT miss :D


Hey folks, this happened to my son and the apartment complex said they would replace the carpet and nothing more. My son wanted to move out but they said if he did he would lose his deposit. That did it. He contacted the state health department and a lawyer. Not only did he get to move to another apartment complex, but the lawyer took the complex to court and was able to get $16,000 to replace my son's destroyed clothing and bedding and another $16,000 for his roommates stuff. Of course that meant it cost the complex a lot more than $32,000 to cover lawyer fees AND the health department red tagged that and several other apartments until all the carpet and dry wall was replace and the places sterilized before they could be rented out again.


In other words, your scum ball of a son benefited off a landlord.

AZ Native

MyOwnMind - Just why is Deans son a scum ball? The apartment complex was cooperating to make the apartment livable again so it was time to give them a "nudge" and get things right. Good for his son and roommate, and I bet the management will take care of things the next time they have an incident.


Actually the apartment complex was NOT cooperating to make it livable. All they wanted to do was to put new carpet in without replacing the contaminated drywall. In fact my son would have been happy to have the complex repair the damage but the health department said that their clothing and bedding was unfit to have, not him.


Hey you scum ball it took every penny they got to replace their clothing and bedding. In fact it cost them more than what they received.


You have a son? Ew. What did he do? Sh*t on the floor?

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