Sen. John McCain's primary opponent, Kelli Ward, recently retweeted a user who made what appears to be numerous anti-Semitic, homophobic and pro-Nazi statements online.

The person goes by the name Anglo Von Trapp, uses the Twitter handle of @88_Odalist and has also posted numerous pictures and videos of Adolph Hitler.

Above one picture of the former German dictator he wrote, "Think different, think Reich."

In another tweet, he wrote, "Every enemy of you and your people is either a Jew or is instigated by a Jew."

The Twitter user also appears to be an opponent of Arizona's senior senator, at times using the hashtag #RetireMcCain.

In one post, Von Trapp defended Ward against an online story saying, "If Salon [expletive deleted] on you then you're doing right."

Ward responded on Twitter by saying, "LOL! You are right. The things she scoffs at are the things America needs."

Ward, a former state senator, was unavailable for comment, but her communications director, Stephen Sebastian, said Ward rejects racism and wouldn't knowingly engage with anyone who made those kinds of comments.

"She doesn't have the time to go through every tweet from every single person out of 15,000 that have ever connected with her," he said.

The Ward campaign also sent a picture highlighting her family, which includes her father and her African-American step-mother.

It was also reported in The Daily Beast that Ward recently called a self-described white nationalist and asked for his support.

The campaign confirmed the call and explained it was unintentional.

"All campaigns use fundraising lists of people who have donated to other campaigns in the past and this guy was on there. Dr. Ward called through the list and he identified himself as being a white nationalist and she declined his support and disagreed with his views."

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