PHOENIX (3TV/CBS5) -- Phoenix police have arrested the suspect accused of killing a man at a nail salon in west Phoenix last week.

[WATCH: Surveillance video helps police catch murder suspect in Phoenix]

According to Phoenix police, Dwayne Tyjuan Jamerson is accused of allegedly killing 45-year-old Dung Tang inside Idol Nails and Spa on June 5. 

[ORIGINAL STORY: Witness: Gunman laughed after shooting at Phoenix nail salon]

The incident happened at a strip mall near 51st Avenue and McDowell Road.

Police said Jamerson robbed the salon at gunpoint and then shot Tang.

Jamerson left the store with a purse, according to a witness. He also said the suspect was "laughing the whole time."

[WATCH: Witness speaks about trying to stop armed nail salon robber in Phoenix]

Jamerson was arrested on Wednesday. He has been booked into the Maricopa County Jail, charged with first degree murder, armed robbery, kidnapping and aggravated assault.


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(19) comments


Black Criminals Matter !

Honk Honkler

Despite being 13 % of the population, watermelon-americans commit 50% of the violent crimes

La guerra

Good,they caught him. The guy is a waste of space,no matter what color he is. As an employee of a nearby hotel,I can say it's a relief to know that he won't be able to ruin anybody else's lives like he did last week. Hopefully the lady will be able to carry on with her life and keep her business open. They had just bought the salon within the year,best wishes!

Wayne kenoff

Dude is getting life over a purse with nothing but a passport and an EBT card [sleeping][sleeping]


He got Life when he slithered out of his mommas snot pouch.

Phillup Witgas

Man... This comment section went downhill real fast...


The Truth Hurts, why yes apparently it does. These fine people are early responding to the facts and reality of a POS that is black that is a criminal. Get over yourself its OK to state the obvious that does make a statement racist. You moron.

Wayne kenoff

Obey laws- chiiiiiiillll. I don’t know that guy


How come every comment at the bottom of every story is trash talking minorities. screaming WP nationalism, sounds like a bunch of Neonazis to me, it's 2019 grow TF up, america was built with the blood sweat and tears of immigrants after the land was stolen from the native Americans get over it.


The - Nobody's screaming and I haven't seen any "WP" (White power) in any comments or any Neonazi comments. What part of this country are you claiming was built with the "blood sweat and tears of immigrants"? And who are you to come in here telling other people what they can and can't say? It's 2019, time for you to grow the f*uck up.

JF Conlon

Obviously dad's family has lived in America since god was born. Nope, no immigrants hiding in his family tree! He doesn't believe in all that Rift Valley nonsense either because he is the Grand Wizard of White People.


Parent's fault- for giving their son such a name: "Tyjuan"? That's not a name of an astrophysicist.


Where's wayne kenoff? Betcha he knows this dude.

Comment deleted.
Agustus Gloop

Hey Daddy!! I've had a rough day, being old and crippled has its ups and downs. Today, more does than ups. Now, back to you. Why are we beating this dead horse? You provide those numbers and facts, you say you are sitting on, and we'll all believe you.

Comment deleted.

A great deal of your comment is speculative. Nevertheless the essence of your main argument, regarding your "conspiracy" of police and media "bias against whites", is still f**king **tarded.

Comment deleted.

Hiiiii Daddy! How are you doing today, cutie? HWhite Power! Amirite? [tongue][love]




Use your words, Robs! LOL.

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