SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - A Scottsdale woman thought she’d found the perfect man, but now she believes she was just caught up in the perfect scam, leaving her bank account drained of thousands of dollars.

Acacia Oudinot says it all started online.

[WATCH: Romance scammer targets women, including Scottsdale woman]

“We had mutual friends on Facebook, and he friend-requested me,” Oudinot said.

Wilson Jackson appeared to be a successful and eligible bachelor.

“So we started talking, and obviously, you know, that kind of led to a little bit more flirting or whatever, and that’s eventually what led to him asking me to come out to LA,” Oudinot said.

Oudinot says Jackson had told her that he’d bought her a ticket. But when she got to Sky Harbor, trouble was already brewing on the horizon.

“They were saying my ticket wasn’t valid,” Oudinot said.

Jackson allegedly told Oudinot that he was just having bank trouble, texting her a picture of himself supposedly at a Wells Fargo branch, and telling her to just buy the ticket on her own and that he’d pay her back. So Oudinot says she took Jackson’s word for it and flew herself out to LA.

“He showed up,” Oudinot said. “He was a gentleman. He got out of the car. He loaded my luggage in the back of the car. He opened the doors for me.”

And the two had a pleasant weekend in Los Angeles, but when Oudinot got back to Scottsdale and checked her bank account that Monday, something was wrong.

“Right around $3,000 missing from my account,” Oudinot said.

And in total, around six grand would go missing.

“I mean, I was pissed,” Oudinot said.

Checks were missing from Oudinot’s checkbook, and she thinks Jackson took a picture of her debit card while she was in the shower.

After a painful struggle with her bank, Oudinot says she was able to get most of her money back.

But as it turns out, Oudinot was one of 18 victims that LAPD was able to find and come forward to build their case against Jackson.

The LAPD says Jackson would use stolen information to buy clothes, pay personal bills and make travel arrangements for other victims.

“There’s literally, potentially, hundreds of victims,” Oudinot said.

Thursday, police arrested Jackson for charges related to identity theft, forgery and grand theft.

The LAPD is interested in speaking with other potential victims. Anyone with additional information is being urged to contact the LAPD Detective Stephanie Krajchir at 818-374-9420.


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(30) comments


Absolutely ZERO sympathy for this woman. Maybe date within your own race next time??. There's a reason for separate nationalities, ethnicities and this woman just highlighted exactly why interracial hook-ups/dating/marriages shouldn't happen.
Have family I cut off for this exact reason, nobody needs HOOD rats showing up at family get togethers, popping caps in ppls asses bc someone played with a mud shark...


Yeah, sleep with an animal, suffer the consequences.


Some women prefer dark meat drumstick. You'd think when the ticket was not paid for at the airport, that would have told her all she needed to know. Lots of people like to be made a fool of.


Yes, women are this stupid.

Paul Labiche

They sure are but don't tell hollywood or the MSM.


With all the people falling for scams there must be a lot of stupid people out there. Invalid ticket? GO HOME IMMEDIATELY.

TRUMP supporter

A big lip older blond from snottsdale ? She just a cougar.


White women do the silliest things....she's got to be one of the commenters on here.


Ya Oudinot go back there anymore......


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Stupid is as stupid does.....thug life! Word.


mud shark caught a hook eh :)

Rico Rush

“There’s literally, potentially, hundreds of victims,” Oudinot said. Which means you have literally and potentially have STDS

JF Conlon

I think they make a real cute couple.


His pic should have told her all. Somewhere between 4-14 days is when herpes sores start to fester.


Hahaha this woman has no shame. You should be too embarrassed to go there and tell the world about how you were ‘wronged’ nah you was just dumb.

Play on playa. She paid you well for that pipe you laid.


Couldn't find a white guy, huh?


Tony does this white woman not “finding a white guy” bother you?


That's what I was thinking!


Because white guys aren't cheaters, right? [whistling]


The title of the article should be "White Woman Meets Thug Life". What on earth was she thinking, she could have landed up mutilated and dead. I mean look at the guy, she calls that attractive? Wow, stupid white people.

Wayne kenoff

the real question is who the heck still writes checks in 2019?


Medical bills get paid by check. If you want to send your credit card info to them, go ahead. My pool guy also only takes checks.


it staggers the imagination how this stuff still happens..


You meet someone online. You fly to LA to sleep with him. You got what you deserve. BTW lay off the botox. You're looking sk@nky


OMG, really? I thought at first this was a fake story. To paraphrase PT Barnum, "A gullible moron born every minute."


Never underestimate the ability of people desperate for a relationship to be utterly stupid.


First sign my ticket wasn’t valid, True First Sign was that shirtless Photo It says GB hood rat not successful business man.


She got a 5000.00 dollar education. [ohmy]


FIRST of all - it doesn't state her age. But biotch be lookin like she a hard mid 30s IF she's lucky. SECOND - you should know better than that. I mean.. c'mon. Look at him... lol for real? K. That's on you.


Hahah that’s what cracks me up is she thinks she could get a dude like that for real. Nah you jus a hit it and quit it b

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