Lime is under fire over broken scooters

The scooter-sharing startup Lime continues to clash with its suppliers amid questions about the safety of its scooters.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- The City of Scottsdale has made a change to the bicycle ordinance which addresses electric scooter issues in the city.

The ordinance impacts Bird, Lime and Razor electric scooters. It is also directed toward all bicycles, electric bikes, motorized bikes, motorized skateboards, motorized play vehicles and stand-up mini-scooters.

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The ordinance clarifies that all motorized bikes and scooters are allowed on sidewalks, but drivers must obey traffic laws and yield to pedestrians.

Drivers are prohibited from riding electric bikes and scooters while under the influence of alcohol.

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Here are the rules for parking and riding in Scottsdale:

Keep sidewalks open for pedestrians: Do not park devices on public sidewalks in areas that obstruct the portion used primarily by pedestrians.

The owner is required to keep devices properly parked: The owner – whether an individual or a company – is responsible for making sure their devices are parked properly. Devices should be parked in racks or designated parking areas.

Devices should be operable and used: The ordinance makes it illegal for devices to remain at the same location on public property for more than 72 consecutive hours. Improperly parked, inoperable or abandoned devices may be impounded.

Don’t park too many devices together: To reduce the amount of visual clutter, the ordinance seeks to properly space parking of devices – a maximum of five devices from the same owner can be parked within 200 feet of each other.

Respect private property: Devices can only be on private property with permission of the property owner (except in commercial or multi-family residential properties within common area bike racks and designated bicycle parking zones).

If you run into an issue with electric scooters in Scottsdale, please call the Scottsdale police non-emergency line at 480-312-5000. You can also report issues with the Scottsdale EZ website.

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(2) comments


drive on sidewalk? drive in bike lanes? drive in road like cars? Would help if you mentioned the most important thing about the item. Silly govt worried about parking only.....


Having fast-moving vehicles like bikes (electric or not), and scooters on sidewalks is a nightmare for car drivers. Try making a safe right turn when there's a vehicle operated by someone who thinks they have the right-of-way that you can't see approaching at 15 MPH from your right rear on the sidewalk that's 6 or more feet away from the street. If you drive in Scottsdale, your insurance (and mine) is going to cost more.

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