Lights at Chaparral High School baseball field

Lights at Chaparral High School baseball field are bothering neighbors.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - Homeowners in a Scottsdale neighborhood are angry about new lights that were just put up. They created a group called "3 Strikes: Lights, Noise, and Traffic" to battle the stadium lights that were installed for the baseball and softball fields at Chaparral High School. An anonymous donor gave $500,000 to the Scottsdale Unified School District for the lights. However, neighbors say they were never consulted about it and the lighting project was quickly pushed through.

"This was essentially a sales pitch where they made a lot of promises, a lot of highfalutin ideas that really didn't pan out," said Thomas Galvin, an attorney. He said the company behind the lights told neighbors the brightness wouldn't impact them. However, people from up to half a mile away say the lights are bothering them.

"I can't use my backyard anytime the lights are on," said Roy Stulting, who has lived at his home since 1978. He said the lights blind him and have damaged his property value. Stulting also said the lights are so bright they are affecting traffic on the north and south side of the fields. "It's dangerous in those two areas, dangerous to drivers, dangerous to pedestrians," said Stulting.

For Ali Kasraee, the bright lights have affected his family. He has a 5-year-old and a 7-year-old and he has to put them to bed in a different room while the lights are on and then move them to their bedrooms when the lights are turned off. "These lights are not made for school. Looking at them, you know, you think you were at a (Arizona) Diamondbacks game," Kasraee said. "They are in your face, where ever you go." The group hopes the board takes the lights down but is open to all alternatives, Galvin said.

During the news conference, when the group was speaking, our crew could hear yelling and screaming from fans at the games, which neighbors say is another problem. The group "3 Strikes" will be asking Scottsdale Unified to reconsider the invasive lights at its next Governing Board meeting next month.


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