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A Scottsdale woman says she was targeted by scammers using a new twist on Facebook in an effort to separate her from her money.

"We will need all the necessary information before we can issue the money to you," Kala Cross said as she read a series of Facebook messages that she's received pretty much non-stop since July.

They're all from a person claiming she has a valuable package to send Cross.

"The package was $80,000 and an Apple iPad or something like that," Cross said.

A package with $80,000 and an iPad? That's quite the combo.

But, there are several red flags here. For instance, Cross is supposed to send in money.

"Through a MoneyGram from Walmart," Cross said.

Cross was told to send a $350 MoneyGram back to the sender who uses the name, Sharon Petersen. She claims to work at something called United Nation, whatever that is.

And one of her Facebook pictures is cold hard cash.

"I told her I think this is a scam. I don't see how this can be real because you have to send money first," Cross said.

Well, it is a scam. And she may look like a loving grandmother, but the picture of the woman is likely of an innocent Facebook user who isn't even aware her photograph is being used to lure in unsuspecting victims.

"I needed to send her all my information and a picture of my ID. She needed to know my house address. She needed my email password to my Facebook," Cross said.

Fortunately, Cross didn't fall for the scam even though one of the last messages she received said, "I want you to listen up. I'm a woman of God, minister in church of God. I can't lie or scam you because (her religion) all we want for you is the best for you and your family."

Cross wants people to know that this scam and others are all over Facebook. Many times, you just don't know who you're really dealing with.

"Yes, I'm very more cautious about people who I talk to, cautious about who I add on Facebook, definitely for this reason now," Cross said.

Facebook offers tips to avoid common money scams. For details visit

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