PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Driving drunk and slapping a one-year-old?

Phoenix Police recently arrested a woman in a bizarre case of road rage.

According to court documents, police responded to an incident on Monday near 19th Avenue and Thunderbird Road after a child was hit in the face by a woman.

His parents are furious.

They say they were on their way home with their four kids in the backseat when it happened.

"All the sudden this lady flew up in front of me and brake checked me," the father and driver of the car said.

The boy's parents were driving, and hit a stretch of road where three lanes become two.

The father says he merged over and believes the other driver thought he cut her off.

He says he tried several times to get away from the aggressive driver.

"Then she swerved at me and I had to run up on the sidewalk to miss her,” he said.

Court documents show 20-year-old Eboni Moore told police he threw a water bottle at her.

He claims she was the aggressor, getting out of her car and approaching his.

"When she got to my door, she looked at my back window, saw my son, opened my back door and slapped my one year old son in the face," he said.

The father fought her off. That's when police say Moore attacked him with her keys. He still has a scratch on his neck.

According to court documents, the little boy had red marks on his face

Moore was given a breathalyzer test and blew a .128. She was arrested and has been charged with two counts aggravated assault, one a felony, for hitting the child and one misdemeanor for hitting his father.

The child's mother says her son hasn't been the same since.

"Now my son has been victimized. My son has been hurt. My son is a completely different kid now. He's afraid to get in the car, he won't look out the window, he's violent, he hits," said his mother.

She says all their kids are still scared and stressed. And so are they, which is why they're asking to remain anonymous.

"I just want everyone to know monsters like this are out there,” said the boy’s mother. "This could have changed my son forever from the person he's supposed to be to the person she's turned him into and I just think she needs to do a long time in prison for this."

Moore's already been released from jail.

"I just want people to be more aware of their situation and if there is a road rage situation, make sure your doors are locked,” said the boy’s mother.


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(8) comments


Not bad! Underage drinking -- she was only 20. WAAAY over the legal limit, blew a .128. Assaulted a 1 year old. I'd say give her 3 to 5 years so she can grow up a little bit, in Prison.


I would have just rubbed some peanuts on his face...Don't most all kids allegedly have 'peanut allergies these days??

JF Conlon

Gosh, who is censoring comments here? By Golly, you certainly are watchful.


I couldn't agree more. We are not aloud to speak our minds and have to use the words they choose for us.


"They"? Nobody's censoring sh*t here. I can see your badly misspelled comments.

JF Conlon

If the child has not suffered any organic harm from being slapped, it's probably not going to cause any lasting mental problems. Many kids walk at that age & fall down 50 times a day, no problem. The slapee no doubt will do fine, the slapper is in deep doodoo.


When you start slapping other people's kids, it's time to lay off the bottle. Oh, and STOP DRIVING DRUNK.


Five years in prison.

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