TEMPE, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- The country's first car-free neighborhood will be built from scratch in Tempe and is set to open in Fall 2020.

Real estate developer Culdesac is the first developer to construct a car-free neighborhood large enough to fit 1,000 residents and is near a dense job center in downtown Tempe.

The neighborhood will not have private cars or resident parking; however, there will be parking for visitors and carpool transportation.

This will be a walkable neighborhood that has an on-site light rail station, a connective shuttle bus, dedicated rideshare pick-up zones, scooters with respective parking, carshares for off-site transport, and more.

This car-free neighborhood offers three times the average amount of space for grass, courtyards and community spaces. Thanks to the additional space, the Culdesac Tempe will include a grocery store, coffee shop, coworking space, market hall, and other retail. 

The Culdesac team will work closely with renowned architect Dan Parolek, who is known for creating diverse housing options, to design sustainable and walkable places.

The company raised $10 million in venture capital funding to invest into its $140 million project called Culdesac Tempe. 

Culdesac looks to evolve real-estate to keep up with fast-paced changes in transportation.

"The communities we are living in were optimized for the peak car era,” said Ryan Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO of Culdesac. "Culdesac is building spaces for the post-car era. Starting next year, residents of Culdesac Tempe will be able to live life from their doorsteps, rather than seeing it through their windshields."

Tempe was chosen to have the first car-free neighborhood due to the city's job market, growing population and land available on a light rail station.

Culdesac is also evaluating locations for future projects in Dallas, Denver and Raleigh-Durham.

"Because the power of transportation innovation is larger at scale, we're considering 50-100 acre sites for our next project,” said Jeff Berens, Co-Founder and COO of Culdesac. “People are ready to leave their cars behind for the walkable and vibrant lifestyle that comes from living in a car-free neighborhood.”


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