SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5)-- Disturbing details of sex abuse allegations against a popular Scottsdale pastor are being revealed for the first time in a 100-page report that Scottsdale police recently submitted to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.

Last year, several women reported that Pastor Les Hughey had sexually abused them when they were younger, while they were part of his youth group at Scottsdale Bible Church.

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According to the report, the accusers said Hughey had a “culture of playing favorites” and everybody wanted to be part of his "in crowd." But that fitting in usually came with an invitation to his van during mission trips, which took place around the state and the country.

They said the van had a bed, and Hughey would always ask for massages-- only from teen girls, the report said.

Several of the women said Hughey would direct them to “massage his butt,” and he would eventually “massage the side of their breasts” and, sometimes, touch their groin area over their clothes, according to the report.

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One woman said in the report that when she confronted Hughey about what he did, he said “love covers a multitude of sins."

Another woman said that Hughey whispered in her ear, “You're [going to] have no problem finding a husband because you have such a beautiful body,” while they were at a watering hole.

Several of the women said they used to babysit Hughey’s children at his home, where he would also engage in massages after his wife went to sleep, according to the report.

All of the women said they were told by Hughey that this behavior was normal because he called massages "the Christian version of sex."

Arizona’s Family went to Hughey's listed address in Phoenix to ask him about these disturbing details, but nobody came to the door.

We spoke to the attorney representing five of his accusers, who said they're considering legal action.

As of Wednesday, the Maricopa County Attorney's Office has not filed official charges against Hughey.

Last year, Hughey was first accused of sexual abuse by four women when he was with a church in Modesto, California, during the 1970s. When that story broke, Hughey issued a statement, calling those relationships in California consensual and saying, in part, "I sinned and harmed the most important relationships in my life."

After that, several women in Arizona came forward to share their stories, Scottsdale police said.

Hughey was asked to take a leave of absence from Highlands Church in Scottsdale, which he founded after all the alleged incidents. He's no longer listed as a staff member.

None of the alleged incidents happened at Highlands. The report sent to the county attorney only deals with Hughey's activities with Scottsdale Bible Church.

Jill Hoekstra, the communications director at Scottsdale Bible Church released a statement on Thursday.

"SBC values getting to the truth, and throughout the last year, we have been intentional in our cooperation with Scottsdale Police to make sure that the truth is indeed brought to light.

"We care about any and all who have been a part of SBC over the years and we want to do whatever we can to ensure that the truth about Les Hughey’s actions is discovered and heard.

"We grieve for those who have been victimized and betrayed. We are also glad this darkness has come to light. The survivors and victims need this."


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