A puppy is recovering after he was found with rubber bands wrapped tightly around his feet

A puppy is recovering after he was found with rubber bands wrapped tightly around his feet.

PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- Who would do this to a precious pup?

A puppy is recovering after he was found with rubber bands wrapped tightly around his paws.

The puppy, now affectionately dubbed "Little Foot," was brought to the Arizona Humane Society two weeks ago.

A good Samaritan had found the little dog with rubber bands wrapped around his ankles.

"He has come such a long way," said Kelsey Dickerson with the Arizona Humane Society. "We are so grateful for the good Samaritan who brought him to us."

The rubber bands were so tight, they were nearly cutting off circulation. The pup's feet were horribly swollen, making it very difficult for him to walk.

"There's really no reason to abuse any living creature, especially a helpless young puppy. That's exactly why the work the Arizona Humane Society does is so important. We care for the sick, injured and abused pets here in the Valley. And as sad as Little Foot's story is, we are here for the triumphant ending to those stories."

This 7-week-old puppy's treatment includes daily laser therapy and warm compress massages to promote blood flow and improve circulation in his paws.

Much like a balloon, the massages cause the fluids to shift and, hopefully, the swelling will be reduced.

His daily laser treatments activate the cells and tissues in his feet, essentially helping to "jump start" the cells needed to heal.

Thankfully, Arizona Humane Society staffers say Little Foot's paws have improved incredibly over the past several days and the scabbing is almost gone.

"He has really made such an incredible recovery," said Dickerson. "At first our doctors were not sure if we would be able to save his hind foot, but now we're looking for what is hopefully a full recovery."

Little Foot remains under the care of the Arizona Humane Society’s trauma team.

It's not yet known when the puppy will be up for adoption.

BUt we're so happy to hear he's doing well!

"Now he is one thousand percent puppy," said Dickerson. "He's rambunctious! He's running all around. And you could never tell he has hurt feet."

People can follow Little Foot’s journey on AHS’ facebook page each week. 

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(5) comments


I hope the sadists who did that to him die a slow, painful death. Soon. People who intentionally hurt animals or kids are the worst kind of scum.

AZ Native

Unfortunately, the moron(s) who did this will never be caught. It would be nice to put a tight rubber band around their neck!


What kind of scum does something like this?


Poor baby.


fortunately karma does not have an expiration date

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