TEMPE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - About 100 people protested outside of the Tempe Police Department on Thursday night, demanding justice for the 14-year-old boy who was killed in an officer-involved shooting on Tuesday.

Tempe police say that they caught the suspect, who family has identified as Antonio Arce, burglarizing a car. When they made contact with him, he started running and was carrying a handgun.

[ORIGINAL STORY: PD: Man dead after running from officer in Tempe]

"I didn't know him as someone who stole, that's why I don't believe that," Jason Gonzalez, Antonio's older brother, said.

Police say at some point in the chase, the officer felt threatened and fired at Antonio. He was taken to the hospital but died from his injuries.

"He was at his friend's house that day. Like any other day, we know he goes to his friend's house and he comes back, just that one day he never came back," Gonzalez said through tears.

[READ MORE: Tempe PD: 14-year-old boy with airsoft gun shot, killed by police]

Investigators later learned Antonio was armed with replica 1911 airsoft gun.

Dozens of protesters gathered outside of the Tempe Police Department in support of Antonio's family. They chanted things like, "no justice, no peace," and "no racist police."

"Seeing all these people makes me so happy, knowing that they're here, knowing that they're here to support. I hope that this message does get to police," Gonzalez said.

Police say the entire incident was caught on the officer's body camera. That footage has not been released yet. However, police are expected to release new information on Friday.

The Tempe Officer Association posted a statement on social media after the protest: 

"Every police officer in Tempe has a heavy heart tonight. We grieve with our community. Our Association believes in and supports open, cooperative investigations into every police use of force incident -- investigations based on facts and taking into account the difficult, demanding nature of police decision-making. As we hope the public will do, we will withhold judgement on this matter until the investigation is complete and all the facts are known." 

Tempe Police say they will release additional information Friday morning at a news conference. 


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(4) comments

TRUMP supporter

What a bunch of dumba**es. He is a criminal running from the police armed with an airsoft gun which is not a toy. Stupid kid. The parents or parent are to blame for this for bad parenting. Sorry he had to loose his life and the officer will live with this for the rest of their life.


Unless the body cam shows the officer lied then these people are idiots. Kid committed a crime, ran when the police showed up, pulled a gun and threatened the officer. End of story at that point. It does not matter what age the person is. It does not matter that the gun was an airsoft with the RED TIP removed. If you are dumb enough to point a gun at an officer you can expect to be shot. So at this point the officer did his job just as he should have. I feel sorry for the officer that a dumb kid put him in that position and now has to live with the fact that he was forced to take a life.

AZ Native

And as always..... "Oh, but he was a good boy and would not have been doing something wrong". Maybe if he had been with his family he wouldn't have been shot for trying to burglarize cars. Tragic situation, but he placed himself there.


Look at those professionally made placards and the rent a mob. I wonder what poverty pump / race hustler group is staging this shakedown. People, take responsibility for your own failures.

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