(3TV/CBS 5) - Brophy College Preparatory will be hosting the ninth annual Kino Border Initiative dinner, which will raise money for the KBI Migrant Outreach Center. 

Father Sean Carroll said this fundraiser is more critical than ever. 

"It really enables us to fulfill our mission," Carroll said. 

KBI was established in Nogales in 2009 and provides clothing, meals and special support for families who are crossing the border. 

"We're probably serving between 300 and 350 people for one meal, like in the morning, and maybe about 200 in the afternoon, so it's a significant number of people we're serving there," Carroll said. 

Carroll said he doesn't believe there is a security crisis at the border, but rather, a humanitarian crisis. 

"They're coming with their children, they're coming any way that they can and they're having to wait two months to be received by Customs to make that request for asylum, so it's a very challenging situation." 

The dinner will be held Saturday, March 9. The reception will be at 5 p.m. Dinner and a live auction will begin at 6:30 p.m. 

For more information about the dinner, contact co-chairs Lisa Grant 702-330-3618 phxgrants5@msn.com or Ann Rathwell 602-695-3739 prathwell2@aol.com


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(9) comments

Retired Fire

Quit handing them baskets of fish taken from the workers and teach them to fish in thier home country. BUILD THAT WALL!


Doesn't this uneducated Sean Carroll (he is NOT my "father") realize that priests and ministers will be the first to be killed off if the socialists take over the country? Maybe if he had to really defend the country instead of spending his protected life behind homosexual priests he would understand what we are up against. BUILD THE WALL. BUILD IT NOW.

Bob Regan

This Priest, unlike you Dean, does more than just "talk the talk." Also, again unlike you, he doesn't use phony religious conviction to justify his ignorance and bigotry. The truth is, if Jesus came to America today, "good Christians" like you would re-crucify him for his "socialist" ideology.


Think how many more people we could help if we concentrated on LEGAL immigrants. Be a PATRIOT - PROTECT your country - Support the WALL.


I think they should just electrify the wall

Bob Regan

See my reply to Dean.

Bob Regan

See my reply to Dean, then look in the mirror.


What, you like choirboys too?


Why is it that the politicians, news media and the bleeding hearts do not know the definition of ILLEGAL?!

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