PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Thousands of people packed Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix Wednesday evening to attend President Donald Trump's re-election rally.

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The Coliseum at the Arizona State Fairgrounds was filled to capacity as crowds gathered to support the president during his campaign swing through the West. Jen Yee with the Arizona State Fair said Thursday that 14,400 people were inside the building.

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People had been camped out outside the venue more than 24 hours before the rally, hoping to secure seats inside. And on Wednesday afternoon, thousands braved the warmer-than-usual temperatures to stand in long lines outside the building. The parking lot was already full by 3:30 p.m.

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Before the president arrived, guest speakers took to the podium to hype the crowd.

Rep. Debbie Lesko, a Republican from District 8, spoke to Trump rally attendees about what she claims are the goals of the Democrats.

"They are trying to take away your vote through an impeachment. They are trying to take away your guns. They are trying to take away your money with higher taxes. They're trying to take away your health insurance. And they're even trying to take away the lives of unborn babies," Lesko said  to the crowd.

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Rep. Andy Biggs, a Republican from Arizona's Fifth Congressional District, also did his part to get the crowd fired up. "Welcome to 'Trump Territory,'" he said. "Thank God for Donald J. Trump. When he comes here, he's going to know that in a few short months, Arizona will be Trump's territory, his electoral votes, and we're going to win Arizona." 

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Arizona Sen. Martha McSally took to the podium, twice,  to speak highly of her working relationship with Trump. She also managed to slam Mark Kelly, her potential opponent in the November Senate election.

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Before the rally, as attendees waited on the president's arrival, there were heartwarming moments among the crowd.

At one point, a group of volunteers carried a military veteran to the main stage of the rally. The kind gesture received a big applause. Arizona's Family Political Editor Dennis Welch tweeted a video showing the volunteers carrying the veteran to the main stage.

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Trump received word of this touching moment and tweeted it out while letting his supporters know that he would be in Phoenix soon. "I am on my way, see you soon!" he tweeted. 

Once arriving to the rally, Trump took to the podium to give a shout out to that veteran. "They say he is a legitimate hero of WWII. Thank you for the great job you've done. An American patriot. Thank you very much." 

[WATCH: President Trump recognizes veteran carried to stage at Phoenix rally]

The president then continued with glorifying where the country stands today. "We have the best economy. The most prosperous country we ever had, and the most powerful military anywhere in the world," he said. 

Trump also touched briefly on his impeachment trial. "We are in the midst of the great American comeback more today than ever before. And after three years, a very unfair and ridiculous witch hunts and partisan Democrat crusade, it was the radicals Left's pathetic attempts to nullify your ballot, poison our democracy and overthrow our entire system of government. But, guess what, they failed and our poll numbers are higher today than they've ever been before." 

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Trump welcomed Gov. Doug Ducey to the stage to issue words of support. "Mr. President, we are going to keep Arizona red in 2020. We are going to return President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence to the White House. We are going to return Martha McSally to the United States Senate. And we are going to keep our Republican majorities in our congressional delegation and our state chambers," said Ducey. 

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Despite Trump not having served in any wars, veterans were at the rally in full support of the Commander in Chief. "He went to military academy for high school," said Mark BelMaestro, a Vietnam veteran at the rally. "He got all the military he needed. So it doesn't bother me that he didn't." 

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Attendees said they were looking forward to hearing about various issues impacting them. Richard Nardi from Mesa said he was interested in hearing more about topics like gun rights. "Well, of course, Second Amendment, tax cuts, regulation cuts," he said. 

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While most folks at the rally are supporters of Trump, many folks showed up to protest the president's politics. Arizona's Family was there to witness the first "hands-on" removal of a protester disturbing the peace. Reportedly, the man was standing at the Coliseum entrance gate yelling, "Trump is a fascist." Several DPS troopers were seen physically escorting the man out of the area.

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Beside that incident, demonstrators were mostly peaceful. There was a free-speech section set up a half-mile away from the Coliseum for people who wanted to protest the rally. 

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