By Steve Stout and Greg Argos

PHOENIX (3TV) -- Peoria police and SWAT officers stormed a Phoenix home Tuesday after a two-month drug investigation, but inside they found something a little bit stronger than regular marijuana."I looked out the window and next thing I know I heard a big shot," neighbor Bobby Magnuson said. "They broke down the doors."It was all an orchestrated bust of a home near 15th Avenue and Union Hills Drive.Police recovered approximately 5 pounds of marijuana and 2 grams of marijuana wax. It's the marijuana wax that has Peoria police concerned."Marijuana wax is actually extracted from the marijuana plant itself," Sgt. Shari Howard said. "It's actually a very flammable process and can cause combustion, can cause fires in your home or wherever you happen to be extracting that wax."It's not legal in Arizona even with a medical marijuana card."It is classified as a narcotic," Howard said."It's still marijuana. It's still smoked in the same format. They can use the bongs. They can put it in a bowl. They can put it in a joint and smoke it, but I think one of the biggest concerns everyone needs to know is it's more potent than it's ever been," said Stephanie Siete, the director for community education for Community Bridges, a nonprofit that helps people deal with drug abuse."Marijuana wax is something that seems to be on the rise lately," Howard said. "It is one of the newer type drugs or newer way to get high and we are seeing a rise of it here in the state."Marijuana wax can look like honey, ear wax or even peanut butter and Siete said it can be six times more potent that smoking the plant."Sometimes someone might pass out immediately from just one hit of this stuff," Siete said. "Our first responders are facing calls of head trauma from smoking marijuana."With one person arrested in the bust, Peoria police say they're glad to have more of this stuff off the streets.Experts say those who use and make marijuana wax often hide it in lip balm containers as a way to disguise the highly potent drug.


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