It's not something that's supposed to happen on Election Day - poll workers misplacing a batch of ballots.

But that's exactly what took place in Glendale after a ballot bag was accidentally left behind overnight in a West Valley polling center.

Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell said that a poll inspector mistakenly left a duffel bag of ballots at the precinct where he was working Tuesday.

An election official noticed that the ballots had not been turned in Tuesday night, and the search was on.

The ballot bag -- security seal still in place -- was found inside Don Mencindick Middle School Wednesday morning, Purcell said.

"The only thing there was the black bag with the seal on it," said Purcell. "The seal had not been broken. Everything was tracked and accounted for."

According to Purcell, all the voting data from every election is placed on a memory pack.

Poll workers are instructed to put the memory pack, along with all the ballots, in a big black duffel bag that they turn into election officials.

If the missing bag had not been found, it may have impacted a number of close races in the West Valley.

"Even if we weren't talking about a close race, this is always an important issue," said Purcell. "That's why we have all the seals that are marked for every precinct to show all the info that comes in. A couple things that should have happened did not happen."

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