PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Democratic candidate for vice president, Kamala Harris, was "virtually" in Arizona over the weekend for a virtual roundtable with Latino business owners. In the roundtable, Harris talked about the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on Latino livelihoods. 

Harris also spoke with Arizona's Family's Javier Soto on Zoom for an exclusive interview about the election and her campaign with just 50 days to go for the 2020 Presidential Election.  

When asked about the rumors that the Biden Harris ticket supports an open border, Harris says they will work to enforce immigration laws. 

"I promise you this, we will not separate children from their parents at the border. We will not put babies in cages. We will honor the commitment to DACA and will enforce immigration law," Harris said.

Harris also said that they want to help all the Dreamers in Arizona and across the country who have been put in limbo over immigration laws and the current state of the pandemic. 

"The 25,000 Dreamers in the state of Arizona are like Dreamers all over the country that have been frontline workers during this pandemic. They have been essential workers during this pandemic. They are contributing to their communities. It is our full intention to reinstate DACA and the promise America made to our Dreamers because it is the right thing to do," says Harris. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic and cases continuing to rise, many Arizonans and people across the country are concerned about their healthcare options along with climbing unemployment rates. 

"We support everyone having access to affordable healthcare. We are supportive of private insurance coverage and public option," Harris said. "What's most important to Joe Biden and me is that we understand access to healthcare is a right and not just a privilege of the rich people and those who can afford it."

Racial injustice has led to protests all over the country after the death of George Floyd. Some of the work Harris has previously done includes sponsoring legislation that would ban chokeholds, racial profiling, and no knock warrants. When Harris was asked if that was enough to end protests, she said they would do what they could.

"Joe Biden and I are very clear that when we are in office that we will put resources into making sure that those kinds of patterns and practice investigations of police agencies and law enforcement agencies have teeth. We will end choke holds and carotid holds," says Harris. "We will require accountability from police officers who break the rules and break the law by keeping a national registry of those who have broken the law so that they can't travel one jurisdiction to another."


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