PHOENIX (3TV/CBS5) - Former Vice President Joe Biden is holding on to a slim lead over President Donald Trump in Arizona heading into the final stretch of the election.

And if there is one group of voters that could help tip the political scales in this key battle ground state it is older voters, who are historically a rock solid bloc for Republicans.

Consider four years ago that exit polling conducted by the Pew Research Center showed Trump comfortably winning voters over 50 years old across the country.

But a survey released by the AARP in Arizona shows the Democratic nominee leading the same group of voters this year in Arizona by a thin margin of two points (49%-47%), which is within the margin of error.

"Nothing is really going to change my mind, he's already lost my trust and that's the major thing," said Craig Warth, a 63-year-old Valley resident who voted for Trump in 2016 but plans to vote for Biden.

Over the past four years, Warth said the president has failed to lead on big issues such as the pandemic, racial inequality, and immigration.

Specifically, he pointed to the administration's now halted policy of separating the families of undocumented immigrants on the southern border of Mexico.

"It broke my heart, it was the most inhumane thing I have ever seen," he said. "That you take kids away from their parents and separate them without any real plan with out any real avenue of reuniting them."

Warth, who lost his sales job after the coronavirus hit, describes himself as a life long moderate Republican who is willing to cross over and vote for Democrats.

In 2012 he voted for President Barack Obama but decided to back Trump four years later because of his business background and the fact he didn't like Hillary Clinton.

"I think a lot of people went with the change kind of aspect of this is not a politician," he said of his decision to vote for Trump in 2016.

In response to the AARP survey, the president's campaign questioned its accuracy.

“President Trump is experiencing record-high enthusiasm in Arizona, and we look forward to continuing to earn the support of voters in every corner of the state through November 3rd," said Trump Victory Spokesperson Emma Hall.


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