PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - The top-ranking Democrat in the state House is calling on Gov. Doug Ducey to bring state lawmakers back to the Capitol and pass new gun legislation in a special session.

"The time is right now for us to act, so we will come into special session if the governor agrees to it," Rep. Charlene Fernandez said Tuesday.

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Fernandez, a Democrat from Yuma, said Arizona can't wait for another mass shooting to take action and would work on gun legislation the governor failed to pass.

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In 2018, the governor proposed giving law enforcement the power to remove firearms from people deemed a public threat.

The measure failed amid resistance from Republicans who raised concerns that police could take a gun away from someone who hasn't broken the law.

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Ducey did not say if he would call a special session, but his office did released a statement regarding his previous gun proposal.

"We remain willing to work with legislators from both parties on this issue and are hopeful both sides can come together to advance commonsense policies that will make a meaningful impact," his spokesman said.


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(6) comments


You also have to take away thier ( people who can be a threat) right to live , then you have solved a problem correctly . [ban]


Rep. Charlene Fernandez: Its our chance take their GUNS to go full commie


There's over 20,000 l"Gun Laws" on the books now why not make two bit judges enforce those. The scum liberal "Gun Control" isn't about guns, it's about "control". Remember HITLER

Wayne kenoff

Leave my guns alone! My guns are not the problem. My guns do not go out and harm innocent people. If Democrats would be pro gun, they would easily cripple the Redumbs


"My guns are not the problem." Nobody is saying your guns are the problem Wayne. Guns everywhere because of lax laws is quite obviously the problem if you look at other countries where they regulate more heavily. Israel, and Switzerland, and Australia, and New Zealand and almost every country on earth have much lower rates of gun violence. The Supreme Court has affirmed that there's a constitutional right to own firearms, but it's subject to reasonable limitations. Right now most places have few. It comes down to people's right to own a firearm, versus others' right to life, liberty (like shopping, going to church and school...), etc. Should bazookas be allowed (they're arguably firearms)? How about SAW weapons? Should everyone be allowed regardless of age, criminal or mental history? Should training be required? What about periodic psychological review to remove guns from suicidal persons, or those with dementia? It's not about your guns, Wayne.


I agree 100%, but then they wouldn't be called Democrats.

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