PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- A proposition to legalize recreational pot in Arizona could be back on the ballot for the 2020 election.

A group calling itself Smart & Safe Arizona is already hard at work on the measure.

Arizona voters narrowly rejected Proposition 205, which would have legalized recreational marijuana for adults, in 2016.

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But before Smart & Safe Arizona makes its case to the voters, supporters of recreational marijuana are waging a campaign to win over the opponents who sank the 2016 effort.

Stacey Pearson, the political consultant who is helping to run the campaign, said Monday that the group is meeting with big businesses and law enforcement groups that opposed Prop. 205 three years ago.

The language for the new proposal is still being written, but Pearson says the ballot measure will address issues raised by opponents in the past.

For example, she says the proposal will give law enforcement more tools to enforce impaired driving.

It will also give business owners more leeway to bar their workers from using marijuana.

Still, the changes may not be enough to sway the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The organization spent big money killing Prop. 205, but has yet to take a position on the latest effort.

Garrick Taylor, a spokesman for the business group, said they are going to hold off until they see the final draft.

"I suppose in the broadest sense it's wait and see, but looking back at our concerns from the previous measure, proponents would have a long way to go," Taylor said.

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(5) comments


Future generation holding government jobs-a bunch of pot heads!

let me begin by saying
I'm not a marijuana user
and I never will because I don't care about it
but the opposition have no valuable argumentation at all
it's just pure hate against marijuana
and the people who are going to use it
the alcohol since is legal is more popular among the young people
and the alcohol addiction is way more devastating of the marijuana addiction
so for those who oppose to legalize the marijuana
because they care soo much about the young people health
then they should put the alcohol illegal
and don't give me the excuse that
there is a age limit by law in order to buy a beer or worst
because you know very well the young people
you care soo much they always find the way
to get the alcoholic beverage for their parties
so be against the legalization of the marijuana is just pure hate


You think you really broke it down...You didn't. You're all over the place, and you even managed to argue against yourself. There are pros and cons to legalizing marijuana. It's a matter of whether or not the voters believe the pros are more important. You really need to calm down. BTW, marijuana is not alcohol, so let it stand on it's own.

TRUMP supporter

This would be a GIANT mistake.


Yes such a mistake to allow free adults to use their own judgement about wether or not to get high. We all need our govt babysitters to make sure we don't make mistakes now don't we? Amazing the things people come up with.I guess you feel making booze legal was a mistake and you do not ever drink any booze nor drink any coffee or take anything for a headache right? You realize the drug in coffee is more addicting then pot ever could be? Now what is your genius response?

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