PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- A heated political race has a Phoenix City Council candidate receiving death threats.

In just a few weeks, voters will choose two new council members, one for District 5 and one for District 8.

Carlos Garcia hopes to win the seat for District 8, but his candidacy might have put him in the crosshairs of people who disagree with his stance on specific issues.

"I'm used to encountering people with opposing opinions," he said. "What's different now is these people are hateful."

[WATCH: Phoenix City Council candidate gets death threats on Facebook]

Garcia has a long history of speaking out for what he believes in. He's been involved in a lot of issues over the years, and is well-known in parts of the community.

He protested against former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's policies, and is an organizer for the pro-migrant group Puente Arizona.

Now he's running to represent Phoenix's District 8. His reasons are simple.

"The love for my family the love for my people and wanting to make sure they have a fair chance like everybody else," Garcia said.

News of his candidacy was shared on the conservative Facebook group Angel Families, a page started by parents whose loved ones were killed by people in the country illegally.

Among those founders, the family of Mesa Police Sgt. Brandon Mendoza. He died in a head-on collision with an undocumented immigrant.

Some people commented, disapproving of his political beliefs but keeping it civil and expressing their views appropriately.

But others took it too far, posting threats against the candidate's life.

One demanding to "Shoot this f*****."

Another user posted "Die soon traitor."

"Apparently they feel that that's a threat to them, so they decided to threaten our lives," said Garcia.

Garcia says he's had to take extra precautions while he wraps up the final days of his campaign.

"We're definitely a little more wary, making sure when we leave our home we're checking who is there, making sure if there's any vehicles that are parked," he said.

Garcia's opponent, former council member and retired Phoenix police officer, Mike Jonson, said in a statement "Violence, and the threat of violence, has no place in our elections and democratic process. We need to continue to find ways to unify our community, and together work towards a great future for District 8."

We reached out to the Angel Families' Facebook page.

An administrator responded, saying comments are not monitored 24 hours a day, but were thankful to Arizona's Family for bringing the comments to their attention. They've since deleted the comments deemed offensive or threatening.


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(16) comments


"The love for my family the love for my people and wanting to make sure they have a fair chance like everybody else," Garcia said.
This is a very specific and clarifying statement by Garcia. "MY people" "THEY". I'm not saying I necessarily disagree with his clearly racial views. However, if it's acceptable for one race then it needs to be acceptable for all races. Racial unity is important and healthy and should never be vilified...even when racial unity is in the White race. Love and unite your people, love your heritage and history, love your culture, always support White owned businesses and companies, and always build and promote White community and White unity.


Hey "daddy", don't obfuscate Garcia's comments with your white power BS. Mexicans, Blacks, effectively all dark peoples have routinely been exploited in this country, one way or another, WAY MORE than white people, and more often than not by white people. Garcia is simply saying "my people" in that context.. it's really really easy to understand where he's coming from and you're making it out to be an attack on White culture? Lame. White people aren't under threat, in any way, shape or form, nor will we ever experience the same oppression our brothers and sisters south of the boarder are, or our middle eastern/african brothers and sisters have. If you truly believe in what you're saying, you're delusional.


Sir, I disagree strongly with your positions; and I will say that emphatically to the day I die. As a 40 yrs AZ citizen, I hope seriously that Phoenicians have better sense than to elect you, since I don't live there but what you do there impacts the rest of us too! That said, I will also defend to the death your right to speak freely in our nation; and it's sad to me that you don't put America and her citizens ahead of those you apparently support!


He sounds like a fifth columnist for a hostile foreign nation. "His people" are experts at ethnic cleansing. I've experienced it firsthand. Thoroughly investigate him and you will find dirty bloody cartel money in his coffers.


WHy don't you do that and get back to us? Thanks


his idea of "investigation" is something he read on facebook.


This country is "Going to 4377 in a hand basket"


G30 - How so?


How so? Whiny old white people pretending their culture is under threat so they can more easily justify their racist ideologies/policies/behavior. Much like how no one here is commenting on the death threats sent to Garcia (the purpose of the article), but instead prefer to focus on the delusional attempt to turn this story into a "white people are under attack" pseudo-patriotic diatribe.


"The love for my family the love for my people..." How about his love for the USA and what it stands for? He does not have that. And many times people like him will post such threats themselves to get attention.


This is the world your generation created. Are you proud?


Not my generation bubby, yours who are the socialists




lol wtf, still stuck in the McCarthy era are we? Grow up.


You remind me of that saying ‘Better to say nothing and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt’.


Your commentary perfectly illustrates how retarded American politics has become these last 20 years or so. If you find Mexicans threatening, at all, for wanting equality for people in their community, ie "his people", you need go to church or something and pray your "fears" away. Cause you are scared for no legitimate reason whatsoever. Whatever news you subscribe to is brainwashing you, winding you up so you can justify DEATH THREATS against an innocent person who happens to be darker than you. I'm White btw, I grew up in Mesa, I grew up watching other white people jump at the site of their own shadow and blame it on Obama. This fear of "white culture being attacked!!!" is an egotistical power struggle at the expense of the American dream. Nothing more.

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