PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Republican Sen. Martha McSally broke with President Donald Trump on Friday over his threat to hit all Mexican imports with steep tariffs.

In doing so, McSally finds herself aligned with her potential Democratic challenger, Mark Kelly.

[WATCH: Senate hopeful Mark Kelly, AZ Sen. Martha McSally oppose tariffs on Mexico]

Kelly and McSally both warned that slapping Mexico with a 5% duty in a couple of weeks risks damaging Arizona's economy.

"I do not support these types of tariffs, which will harm our economy and be passed onto Arizona small businesses and families," McSally said in a statement.

Kelly told Arizona's Family that the president's plan is "just bad policy."

"A 5%t tariff on all Mexican goods coming into the United States, that is not going to be paid by Mexico or Mexican companies; that is going to be paid for by consumers here in Arizona," he said.

[WATCH: How will tariffs on Mexican imports affect you?]

Mexico is Arizona's No. 1 trading partner, conducting over $16 billion a year in trade between the two countries.

McSally's break with Trump is significant.

Last year, she tied herself closely to the Republican president in her failed bid against Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema.

Gov. Doug Ducey later appointed McSally to fill John McCain's seat. Since that appointment, McSally has voted with Trump over 95% of the time, according to the website FiveThirtyEight.

McSally is up for re-election next year. Kelly, a former astronaut, is the heavy favorite to win the Democratic nomination.

Trump, who will be seeking a second term next year, will need to win Arizona, again.

In 2016, the president carried the Grand Canyon State by 3.5 percentage points.


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(7) comments


Looks like we are getting another RINO. I am willing to pay more for products if it means 1) STOP THE ILLEGAL INVADERS 2) STOP (or at least slow) DRUG AND HUMAN TRAFFICKING 3) BRING JOBS BACK TO THE USA. This third worlds country has been bullying the socialist government in this country for far too long.


"Mexico is Arizona's No. 1 trading partner, conducting over $16 billion a year in trade between the two countries." To the author, Arizona isn't a country, and drugs don't count.

To McSally, you just earned one less vote than you got last time.

The primary import from Mexico is illiterate Mexicans. Mexico has doctors and engineers, but they aren't the ones crossing the wire. The average illegal has an IQ of 70. I can train a chimpanzee to work a trowel or a leaf blower, with none of the criminal elements Mexicans bring.


We are so lucky to have two economic experts like these guys both after the same Senate seat. There is another article stating the Feds are investigating excessive campaign contributions ... does't take long to get on the feed bag.


A simple Thank You would be fine. If not for boomers you and your ilk would most likely be unemployed.
But I understand; when you don’t get what you want, casting disparaging and hateful comments becomes your go-to.

TRUMP supporter

Watch out Martha. With siding with Mark { a dumbocrat } could cost you some votes.


idiot baby boomers Trumptards would side with Trump even if he took away thier social security... Baby boomers are garbage and the worst generation this country has ever seen. MAGA? America will only be great again once this horrible. miserable generation has died off


So the socialists can take over right jaginphx? Take a look at how well Stalin ran the USSR and Hitler ran Germany and Hirohito ran Japan. They had a simple way of taking care of anyone who disagreed with them, murder. Hitler murdered 6 million Jews, Stalin murdered 5 million Russians, who knows how many Hirohito murdered and convinced to kill themselves. Yes this is what you socialists (democrats) are wanting. You can bet Hillary would be the first to order her "enemies" killed, including you if you did not vote to please her. She has proven she would do just that, after all she murdered some of our best people as they begged for the Marines to save them.

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