PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Gov. Ducey and the Republicans in charge of the state Legislature are taking heat for not taking action this year in climate change.

The governor signed 321 pieces of legislation into law, but nothing to cut the greenhouse gas emissions most scientists attribute to global warming.

[WATCH: Environmentalists criticize Ducey over inaction on climate change]

Democrats introduced numerous bills and resolutions aimed at boosting energy efficiency standards and reducing vehicle emissions.

But the Republicans who rule the legislative committees declined to give bills a hearing.

"I think (Ducey's) failing. He's failing our state, he's failing future generations," said Sandy Bahr, an environmental activist with the Sierra Club.

Bahr also ripped the governor for not having a statewide plan to cut emissions and deal with the impacts associated with climate change.

A spokesman for the Governor's Office said the environment is a top priority.

His office also outlined a list of efforts to better manage air, water and forests.

But that list did not include and legislative efforts to significantly reduce carbon emissions or prepare for the future impacts of climate change.


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I wish someone would just be honest about all this climate change stuff. In order to make any possible impact on climate change we would all have to give up using any fossil fuels which would mean goodbye living in Phoenix, Arizona. We would no longer have air conditioning. We would have to give up almost everything we now enjoy and basically go back to living like cavemen. At least let the people know what they will have to give up so they can make an informed decision about what they want to do with their future. They should also be made aware that no matter what Americans do about climate change, China, India, and various other developing countries are going to keep on spewing out more carbon than we ever did, and they aren't even trying to be clean about it. So our sacrifices of our standard of living will all be in vain anyways. And it is quite possible that there is nothing that humans can do about it anyways. Earth's climate has changed over and over again long before humans ever existed. Look back at the fossil record and you will see evidence of massive climate change long before mammals ever existed. Do you really think you can do anything meaningful and significant about it? If you do, you are very arrogant at best.


Can't believe I bought into the global warming... no wait, climate change ... narrative for so many years. If the media weren't a bunch of halfwits then this whole global warming... no wait, climate change ... debacle would've been regulated to the dustbin decades ago.


Gee so it is the republicans' fault that the earth is shifting positions and having weather changes. Sounds like someone wanting on a delayed airplane flight and blaming the airline for the weather.


It's more important for Conservatives to vote on Arizona's state drink, squabble over weather or not to give abuse victims extra time to bring charges to their offenders, than to deal with the overwhelming evidence of anthropomorphic climate change. -- lets be clear, NOAA, IPCC, NASA, The Pentagon etc., virtually ALL experts in their respective fields of weather and climate Science or National Security experts, they ALL agree that Humans are IRREVERSIBLY damaging the planet and that if we don't change our behavior, future generations will suffer the consequences; droughts, famine, war, etc. -- Only one of two major political parties routinely ignores expert opinion on real issues.. It appears Conservatives are gas-lighting the American people. Once again lol.


At one time all scientists agreed that the earth was flat and that the sun revolved around the earth. Science is not based on consensus but on evidence. It should also be noted that these scientists all know that if they don't agree about climate change, they won't keep getting a paycheck, so that has to be figured in as well. As for famines, and terrible things happening to our population, well, that's what will happen when you take away carbon as an energy source for us for sure. Climate change might do that to us. But I am quite certain that most of us will die if we get energy so expensive and so unreliable that all the things we now take for granted coming tumbling down. Because everything we now rely on, including farming and ranching, relies heavily of fossil fuels. Solar is still a pipe dream. The sun doesn't shine on us 24 hours a day. Batteries are expensive and unreliable and have their environmental costs as well. I say let the free market decide. When you lefties find some alternative for fossil fuels that is cheaper, better, more reliable, we will all jump to it voluntarily and leave fossil fuels in the dustbin of history. My guess is that it will never happen, and I think you know that, and so have to use our government to force it upon us. And you use threats that we are all going to die off from climate change, but you conveniently forget to tell us that your climate change agenda will have most of us die off anyways. If people know what you want us all to give up, they would stand up against you and fight back. But instead they have been lead to believe it's going to be sunshine and rainbows and everything is going to be great. Ha!


I'm not worry about the climate change since when you guys are going need a gas mask to breathe around 2100 I'm going to be dead and gone before that happen

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