PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Police say that the man who was shot near the state Capitol died at the hospital and was unarmed when he was shot.

The shooting happened near 19th Avenue and Monroe Street. Police said the man, identified as 30-year-old Henry Wayne Rivera, refused to comply with commands and two officers shot him. He died at the hospital.

Police said it all started when officers were looking for a man who shot three people in central Phoenix and kidnapped his girlfriend.

[READ MORE: Police searching for suspect who kidnapped girlfriend, shot 3 people in Phoenix]

That's when they found the Chevy Malibu the suspect had stolen near 15th Avenue and Polk Street around 10 a.m. on Wednesday.

An "information source" told officers the suspect was usually at a motel near 20th Avenue and Van Buren Street, police said.

While searching for the suspect, somebody matching the description ran from Van Buren Street into the motel.

When officers went to one of the rooms and talked to a woman there, Rivera jumped out of the back motel window and ran away.

Police said he ran through several yards and jumped over fences. He then ran into a automobile business near 19th Avenue and Monroe Street and took a vehicle, officers said.

He initially drove onto Monroe Street and then went back into the driveway of the business and stopped.

Tactical officers moved in and gave commands to Rivera, but he didn't comply, police said.

"Less lethal ARWEN rounds, as well (as) gas, were fired at the vehicle and (the man)," said Thompson.

As the man got out of the vehicle, but still wouldn't comply with commands, a K-9 officer and a SWAT officer shot at Rivera and he went down, according to Thompson.

He was taken to the hospital where he died.

Thompson said he was actually not connected to the crime spree the night before. No weapons were found on Rivera, either.

Thompson said he had outstanding warrants for his arrest.

One of the officers involved is 46-year-old Officer ANdrew Carlsson. He has 23 years' experience with the Phoenix Police department.

The other is 36-year-old Kyle Fricke, who has 15 years' experience with Phoenix police.

Despite the lack of a weapon, law enforcement experts said it was too early to deem the shooting to be unjustified.

They told Arizona's Family deadly force often hinges on a suspect's behavior immediately before the shooting, something that they call "furtive movements."

"A furtive movement could be as simple as making a quick grab into a coat... or lifting up your shirt and you have a dark object," said Kevin Boontjer, a retired law enforcement officer.

Experts said a suspect's criminal past also plays a role in the determination to use deadly force.

"The potential for you to use deadly force to keep them from escaping that area and doing something down the road, is much more reasonable," Boontjer said.


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(24) comments


Here is the “poor victim”



I know the man who was shot and he was no angel. He was a danger to the public and I am not sad that is is gone. One less violent drug addict to worry about. Things he has gotten away with in the past Karma has caught up to him.


Another example of a person who would be alive today had he COMPLIED WITH THE OFFICERS. People control their own destiny and are just too stupid to realize it.


Except for those people who officers say didn't comply, then are discovered to have been unable to comply (like the guy in Glendale who was a passenger and was given an unlawful order, then was tased multiple times while still tangled in the seatbelt), or the officers lied after taking a life. But, you like to blame those who are unable to defend themselves.

But yell at people how important it is to do the obvious if that makes you feel important. Gravity isn't just a good idea, it's the law.


out of curiousity if a dog handling officer was there, why not send the dog in first?


I don't have one F to give for people who break the law - in one way or the other - and then end up on the wrong end of a police weapon. Think of all the money saved housing, feeding and maintaining this perp. If he was completely innocent of this particular "crime" - I'm sure there was something else that he got away with earlier in his life. Life evens us all out.


You don’t know just how right you are


Harrison Ford, The Fugitive ; He rents a room from an Eastern block Migrant - He hears sirens, see cops surrounding, soil his britches as he thinks of a way out, then sees the cops hook up the landladies son- 'Patients Convict, Patients' -


Is this discussion refering to the shooting?


We don't have all the facts yet, no one can judge yet either side.


headline should say "Uneducated reporters continue to spew biased jargon at the expense of normal people's sanity"


This is too "unfactual" : "Unarmed Suspect Shot And Killed by Police Near State Capitol".... however I could make the statement compatible with your predetermined bias...... Suspect Dead After Running From Police in an Escalation That Could Have Killed the Baby Jesus Pinned Underneath Tires"


WHY does FAKE NEWS always make out that it's theofficers fault when they don't have all the FACTS ABC15 states: When the individual tried to get into a vehicle, an altercation happened and an officer shot at the suspect.


Because the azfamily is socialist and anti law enforcement.


The percentage of officers vs. public is overwhelmingly public = a larger group. Democracy is curtailed in courts and stifled by powers of authority therefore a plutocracy and groucho Marx Capitalism is flourishing just fine for most of you. The problem seems to be the media reporting that one of or citizens was running from police and that bothers you guys. SUSPECT SHOT AND KILLED BY POLICE NEAR STATE CAPITOL IN = Head explosions of internet trolling public safety officers who have a job description of curtailing public opinion. People still have common sense boys.


And yet here you are.


Because the officer shot him.


Willie - I'm sure you have a point in your diatribe. It's just unfortunate NOBODY can understand what it is....


Hopefully the thief dies.


Saudi Arabia choppers of hands of thieves. Choppers of heads sometimes too. Is that the way to do justice?

JF Conlon

Death penalty for GTA?? Cut off both feet for jaywalking??


"Death penalty for GTA?? Cut off both feet for jaywalking??"

That's actually pretty close. Although eventually the feet removed will hopefully come sometime. That's CHANGE we can all rally behind. ☻ This country is FU|《€d


Joan Conlon - He did not receive the "death penalty." He presented a threat to the officers and they defended themselves. That is vastly different from receiving the death penalty. Your efforts to obfuscate the truth of the situation only serves to justify his poor decision making. We've got way too much of that in this country these days. How about encouraging personal responsibility for a change??

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