KINGMAN, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- Authorities in Surprise, Arizona found an Amber Alert victim Tuesday morning, who went missing in Idaho, and was believed to be in danger.

A 17-year-old girl was believed to have been kidnapped by 18-year-old Miguel Rodriguez-Perez from a Wendy's parking lot in Jerome County, Idaho, on Sunday, May 19, at around 6 p.m.

On Tuesday, police officials in Jerome cleared up some information about what led to the Amber Alert.

[WATCH: Police reveal new info on events prior to Amber Alert]

Jerome Police Chief Dan Hall says the victim's dad got worried on Sunday, May 19, when he learned that his daughter took a break from work, but never returned. 

Hall says one of his patrol officers took the missing person's report, and the girl was believed to be a runaway.

By Monday, a school resource officer familiar with the 17-year-old alerted detectives that she might be with her ex-boyfriend, and could be in danger. 

[WATCH: Amber Alert suspect behind bars in Phoenix jail]

Authorities in Arizona got involved after the suspect's phone was pinged in Kingman Monday night.

Officials said Rodriguez-Perez was driving a black Audi, which they tried to pull over in Surprise but the driver fled.

[VIDEO: Amber Alert victim found safe in Surprise]

Lt. Amy Sloane of Wickenburg police explained why officials didn't continue the high-speed chase with the suspect.

"It would take just a blink of an eye for things to go bad really, really fast," said Sloane. "As well as the other motorists on the road and the officers themselves. It's a delicate balance wanting to get that vehicle stopped, but doing it in a safe manner."

A driver followed the Amber Alert victim and called 911 when they saw the suspect's car.

"It began that communication relay of 'We believe they're in our area. We know which direction they're going, and let's think of every agency they could touch,'" said Sloane regarding the driver relaying the tip.

Police later found the abandoned car near the area of Grand Avenue and Deer Valley Road in Surprise with no signs of the suspect or victim.

[WATCH: Police on scene of Amber Alert suspect's abandoned car in Surprise]

Officials began canvassing the area for the suspect and victim. Four police department agencies assisted in the search including Surprise, Goodyear, Peoria and Wickenburg, along with DPS and MCSO officials.

The victim and Rodriguez-Perez were located just before 1 a.m. near Bell Road and Cotton Lane.

Police said the 17-year-old appeared unharmed.

Rodriguez-Perez surrendered peacefully and was taken into custody by police.  

[VIDEO: Vehicle found in Amber Alert in Surprise, police searching for suspect, girl]

Officers said there is a past history of domestic violence between the suspect and victim, and there is a No Contact order in effect against Perez.

Rodriguez-Perez was booked into the Maricopa County Fourth Avenue jail on an outstanding felony warrant that was issued out of Idaho. 

The warrant stemmed from the incident which prompted the Amber Alert. 

Rodriguez-Perez made his initial appearance in court on Tuesday afternoon. He is being held on a $1 million cash bond.

[VIDEO: Rodriguez-Perez makes first court appearance Tuesday]

The victim was placed into Department of Child Safety custody and is awaiting return to her family.

The FBI has joined the investigation. The investigation remains ongoing.


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(41) comments

Wayne kenoff

Whites can come on here and talk negatively towards Hispanics on the daily. However, the moment I say Whites enjoy fondling their animals, my comment gets deleted. EQUALITY


Typical Hispanic conflict resolution technique - violence. The 'brown cancer" continues to spread.


I was thinking the same thing. I just saw another headline involving an abducted child, also in Arizona and it was a also a Hispanic guy that committed the crime. And some say we should have open borders, geeeezzzzz!

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.

More like Brown Aids....BRAIDS


Seriously folks, deportation is needed big time in this country. I bet they are "Dreamers" too.


Do you bet? Why? "They must be"?


chances are the No Contact order is by her parents and she ran off with him voluntarily. Can't make her behave so go after her boyfriend.


Probably her brother. Its like that with them after all.


Why hasn't anyone noticed that they originally reported the car being found at US60 and Happy Valley road??? [lol][lol][lol][lol][lol][lol]


That's not too far from US 60 (Grand) and Deer Valley. Same general area.


yeah I have been eating crow for a few days. I didn't realize that there was a 10 mile gap in Happy valley, and that it restarts on the west side of grand ave.


Wow! You are a rare one! You came back and admitted you made a mistake. Good example. I'll try to do the same.


Oh, and you went and checked on the accuracy of your statement. That's very refreshing- thanks.

JF Conlon

Does this mean we have to listen to that snarky robo-lady yelling unintellegible stuff from our phones every time a teenager & her boyfriend run off? In the words of our third lady, "I Don't Care, Do U?" And, yes, I do care about missing CHILDREN.


If you care about missing children you honestly would not mind these Amber Alerts. I'll gladly listen to a robo-lady if it means potentially saving someones life. In this case, the boyfriend wasn't allowed near her and has a history of domestic violence. How can you say on one hand you care about children, and then dismiss a story like this, without being a total hypocrite??

JF Conlon

OK, I'll be a hypocrite & an ignoramous today. I didn't consider myself to be a child when I waas 17 (in school, working, own car & ins.). That child in the news photo doesn't look very childish to me either. I don't want to see the Amber Alert system in ruins (like gofundme).

JF Conlon

(sorry for typo) Also , at 17, my parents would not have let me leave the house with that much stuff on my face & I would have lost my job, too!


Relax. Citizens of USA. What idiot would think building a wall would solve this sort of thing? Don't worry. Still millions less Hispanics on welfare than whites. Your next check will still come wall or not.


Magamia trumpsupporter nutsplash and Daddy Dummy these are the idiots who think building a wall would have kept these 2 from coming to Arizona from Idaho.


Although currently there are more Whites residing in this country...


Fleeing to Canada was closer than Mexico. They would have stuck out more there than Idaho. In AZ, they fit right in. Build that wall

TRUMP supporter

Just hurry and build the wall.


Shoot first, build later.


Why the h3ll would they say they pinged his phone or give him any information on their tracking methods. He could obviously read this info and get rid of his phone and try to cover his tracks better.


Hey "daddy", I thought I read they had pinged the victims phone yesterday evening and it revealed they were near Kingman.


are you that stupid?


The suspected criminal isn't very intelligent. He and most people don't know that when your phone is on, your phone lets nearby cell towers know you are in the vicinity. I don't know if the Amber alert can bypass the suspects phone so that he wouldn't receive the alert. If he received the alert, that might be counter productive.


He "No Habla Engrish" iz okaaay


aZ family is behind. there is live video of the vehicle surrounded.....822pm


AZ Family 3 just showed the abandoned Audi A4 on 8pm news. Get the bloodhounds on that car and determine which direction they took off on.


Round em up sort it out[alien]


That's some deep thought, Robs! повезло тебе!


Kidnapped my a$s, more like some high school love drama.


We'll defer to your (un)questionable expertise.


I bet you make a fantastic bridezilla.


Now we know what's on your mind. A little creepy, really. There's a cure for loneliness but you won't find it online.


From the AZ-DOT: "Police say they suspect that Miguel Rodriguez-Perez abducted her Sunday evening from her job at a Wendy's restaurant in Jerome, Idaho. There is a protection order against him and he has threatened and assualted her, police say." - not drama, domestic violence


Precisely.. a few commentators here are regurgitating the same KKK, White Nationalist BS and passing it off as either clever, or somehow magically not racist. AZfamily needs to crack down on these trolls.


Oh,poor little child. Better go to mommy to fix that boo boo.


YAWN, you bore.

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