PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Newly released police reports reveal a Valley spree-killer may have had several intended targets related to his bitter divorce and custody battle.


Dwight Jones

Police say Dwight Jones killed six people last summer starting with renowned psychiatrist Dr. Steven Pitt on May 31, 2018. Police reports related to Jones’ first victim detail the results of a search police conducted at a hotel room Jones called home.

One of the items seized was a laptop with at least two bullet holes in it. According to the report, investigators believed Jones may have been trying to destroy evidence. Investigators still managed to access files and get a look at internet searches.

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The reports say Jones had been researching various firearms, and a list of keywords turned up names of individuals known to have connections to the case, as well as names not previously revealed.

“Connie,” the name of Jones' ex-wife, shows up in the keywords. “Feldman” is the last name of Connie’s attorney.

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“Steven Pitt” also appeared in searches, according to the report, as well as “Kolbe.” Karen Kolbe is a licensed professional counselor who had counseled the Joneses’ son.

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Several other names are listed in the keywords. It is not immediately clear whom those names represent.

The police reports show investigators found court papers related to Jones' divorce, mental health records and a bag of DVDs with titles including “Seeking Justice,” “Payback” and “The Hit List.”

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On June 4, 2018, Jones barricaded himself in his hotel room as investigators tried to get him to surrender. Police say Jones shot and killed himself.


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