PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Police say two men are dead after a double shooting in Phoenix early Monday morning.

The shooting happened near 19th and Dunlap avenues around 2:45 a.m.

[VIDEO: Are deadly early morning shootings in Phoenix related?]

[THE OTHER STORY: Woman killed in early morning Phoenix shooting, police say]

Police say two adult men were found shot in the street with several casings scattered around the scene.

Both men were pronounced dead at the scene by firefighters.

Witnesses told officers a black lifted truck was seen speeding off from the scene. No other suspect information was available.

Investigators are trying to determine what led up to the deadly double shooting.

[VIDEO: Police investigating deadly double shooting in Phoenix]

No further details were released.

Stay tuned to Arizona's Family for the latest developments on this breaking news story.


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(21) comments


Uneducated white trash trolls .


Yall are race-baiting trolls.


People in AZ are pretty much all hateful right winger trumphumpers. Sun fried losers.


no even close to the true probably those two were hispanics or blacks


Those who riot and cause problems are left winged idiots, they are the losers.


So respond to the "hate". BTW, the hatred of criminals doesn't mean racism, it's a disgust for the worst elements of our society. Just because liberals pander to the same groups as part of identity politics and GOP doesn't, not quite a qualification for racism. That really is the only argument you have, isn't it?


"Investigators are trying to determine what led up to the deadly double shooting." I don't know, but it would probably be a good bet that this shooting was the end result of either a drug deal gone bad or some type of gang activity. Most of these types of shootings especially in that area, usually are.


Oh gee darn!!! 2 upstanding Sunnyslopes killed what a tragedy....


If you're honest, get out of this neighborhood. Look to your left, look to your right. One of you three isn't a felon.


[ban] This area is full of dirt bags... you could shoot 90% of the foot traffic dead and you'd be doing the world a favor.


Thought I'd come to see whether their are any condolences from people with hearts. My condolences to the family and loved ones. This is tough. As to the bigots (the four people who came to throw stones and posted before me)- you're worse off than the people you hate, and you don't even realize it. I don't miss AZFamily. It's the preferred website of people with no good ideas who like to express their emptiness in hate and anger.


Ms nutsmaan - If you want condolences, read the obituaries. Your feigned outrage and sanctimony is quite disingenuous - comical - but disingenuous.

Sasha Fierce

@nuusmaan you are not alone. It amazes me that with the limited info we have right now, hate filled comments are being posted—ABOUT THE VICTIMS. All I know is that 2 men are dead in what appears to be a drive-by shooting. These 2 men...VICTIMS...are being judged negatively, because of where they lived; yet, the potential murderer is being hailed a HERO. Yeah, we are living in a time when up is down, right is wrong, and living in the wrong neighborhood is justification for being murdered. SMDH


These are not victims. they are felons (probably illegal invaders) who endanger those who are not.


These are anonymous trolls probably working for Russia and or Trump.


Lmao...straight outta Vox...we still on the Russia thing, eh?


Yet here you are, virtue signalling away. How about that...


Two less for the legal taxpayers to support.

Phillup Witgas

Drug deals gone bad.... Cull the herd !

TRUMP supporter

Well being in that hood it looks like the dumbocracts lost 2 more illegal voters.



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