Authorities are looking for these men involved in a stabbing

Phoenix Silent Witness investigators are looking for two men involved in an assault last February. (SOURCE: Silent Witness)

PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS5) - Authorities in Phoenix are asking for help from the public in identifying two men wanted in connection to a stabbing that happened at a convenience store last February.

Silent Witness spokesman, Sgt. Jamie Rothschild, says on Sunday, Feb. 17 around 2:54 a.m., two bearded men walked into the 7-Eleven store located at 27th Avenue and Indian School Road.

Once in the store, Rothschild says they confronted a customer who was already inside the store.

A fight broke out between them and the man in the store was stabbed. The two bearded men then left the scene in a white Ford Truck. The were last seen driving away northbound on 27th Avenue.

The man who was stabbed survived his injuries, says  Rothschild.

Silent Witness is offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information that leads to an arrest in this case.

Anyone with information can contact Silent Witness anonymously at 480-WITNESS, or for Spanish speakers, 480-TESTIGO.


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(12) comments


At 2:54 AM, Sunday morning......nothing but trouble to be be had.


I want Thanks the Police and the Governor to keep Arizona safe ( sarcasm )


LOL look at these 2 choads. They probably sit in front of a mirror, next to each other, admiring one another.

Agustus Gloop

I had doughnuts with these two "choads" on National Doughnut Day. Bunch of us Arizona's Family Anonymous Comment Posters met at Bosa on Ray, near I-10. Those two "choads" are non other than Wazoolie and Nutsplash. If you get that video from Dirtys, as watsonwrj suggested, you'll find MyOwnMind behind the wheel of the get away vehicle. MOM hates women, so he wouldn't be partaking in the eye candy inside Dirtys.


Disgustus - If you don't mind me saying so, I think you picked the wrong moniker. Clearly, Veruca Salt would have been a more appropriate choice. She was also an insufferable, whiny little bi-tch...

Agustus Gloop

Hey BrownZ Cancer Guy!!! We missed you at Doughnut Friday.


Ha! [lol] [lol] [lol]


Equinsu Ocha!


Check the cameras from Dirtys that night. You'll find your guys PXPD


Ya all do the estimate you can with what you got and what it is . Just anouther repeat crime government is inadequate to address and stop [scared]

Wayne kenoff

U can find them anywhere north of thunderbird. White boys ain’t in the hood like that. They just stopped by to get a monster on their way home



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