PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Police have arrested a suspect accused of killing two people in separate hit-and-run crashes Saturday night in Phoenix.

L. C. Jones III, 29, was arrested on Monday for his involvement in the two deadly collisions, the Phoenix Police Department reported. 

[VIDEO: Police arrest suspect in deadly Phoenix hit-and-run crashes]

The two crashes happened just after 10:30 p.m.

The first happened near 43rd Avenue and Indian School Road.

Phoenix police say Jones, the alleged driver of a Lincoln Town Car, struck 17-year old Nester Lopez, who was crossing 43rd Avenue.

Lopez was transported to a local hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Maribel Dominguez is Nester's grieving mother. She says her son went to the store to grab some snacks and that was the last time she saw him.

“I'm devastated, all he did was go for ice cream and chips," she said.

Sunday, family and friends gathered for a candlelight vigil to honor Lopez' memory. As his mom sobbed, she says she’s distraught and wants justice for her son.

[WATCH: Family, friends gather to remember Phoenix teen killed in a traffic accident]

"Nestor’s death cannot be in vain," she said. "It was not an accident when you hit someone, you don't stop and then you kill another one. And a coward because he can't turn himself in. You killed a 17-year old boy, he had a whole life ahead of him, his birthday is next month, his 18th birthday.

"A mother should not have to bury their child because someone is so senseless.”

Police say the Lincoln had been traveling southbound on 43rd Avenue in the center turn lane at a high rate of speed.

But instead of stopping after the crash, the Lincoln the took off, going southbound.

Police say the Jones, the suspected driver, then ran a red light near Osborn Road, where he collided with a 2007 Scion Coupe.

The driver of the Coupe was 28-year-old Edgar Ferral-Lopez, and he had been entering the intersection on a green light.

Ferral-Lopez was transported to a local hospital where he was also pronounced dead.

A 2018 Chevy Silverado, driven by a 24-year-old man, was stopped at the intersection when his vehicle was struck by the redirected vehicles. That driver and his 30-year old male passenger were not injured.

Police say Jones then got out of the car and took off on foot, leaving his car at the scene.

Jones was booked into 4th Avenue Jail with charges including 2nd degree murder, manslaughter, hit and run and endangerment. 


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(40) comments


THANK YOU Phoenix PD!! You won't read it anywhere else in these inane comments, but your outstanding work in investigating these scenes and apprehending this guy does not go unnoticed. THANK YOU for taking a dangerous criminal off the streets before he could hurt anyone else!! NOBODY can do what you do!!


Pity he wasn't smoked in the process. A lengthy trial is difficult on the families of victims, they deserve instant closure. If there was a malicious reason behind the accident, he'd have stayed put after the first one.


Release him from jail, let the victims' families know the time and from which door he'll be released.

Phillup Witgas

He dindunuffin...... Jus ax eem....


I am willing to bet he has no insurance and probably no license. Probably not a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out of. Keep this loser locked up for life. His parents must be so proud.


BLM... yeah right...


The L in BLM doesn't stand for actually stands for LOSERS.


His parents are probably saying, he's a good boy. Throw the POS in the slammer & throw the key away


Where's Maupin????

Honk Honkler



But he is a good boy right ?

Honk Honkler

He dindoo nuffin

AZ Native

nutsplash - Exactly the comment I was going to make! They are always "good boys".


Well well well. look at that. Whatup!! LC in da Hizzzzzouseeeeee!!!!




In addition to no bed, toothpaste, or soap he should receive no toilet paper

Stanley Trump

What a scum bag excuse for a human. What kind of pathetic coward runs away after killing 2 people? This thug needs a little street justice instead of rotting in a prison cell for the next 50 years.


I'm confused. Will this count as a hate crime? Can somebody who is woke explain it to me?


You are confused as usual. And dumb as a rock to boot lol you are such a broken record it almost makes me feel bad for you. But then I remember you are a sad pathetic loser who can't see past the brim of your maga hat. Get a life


You need to recycle yourself you sad pathetic loser.

Stanley Trump

@RecyletheGOP - it’s better to not be able to see past the brim of a MAGA hat than not be able to see past your large intestines like all of you liberal turds


And you can't come up with a single response to me. If I'm that mentally challenged, and you can never actually refute a point, what does that make you? You have anything to say to the point, about hate crime action, legislation, and reaction being an obnoxious, biased joke? Nah, you have nothing, same as always. You can't even argue with a keyboard and the entire internet at your disposal, that's why you spew worthless pandering and name-calling. Adorable!


Oh, and hurry up with my coffee.

Comment deleted.

How many, from where? Just random accusations? Why don't you go help?


My guess is this loser had no valid license or insurance. Just Wow.



Phillup Witgas

Nobody has a suspect description....???


If they have the car they know who owns it, arrest the regustereciwner for first degree and second degree murder, then convict and give the death penalty to that pereon and that should be carried out by behing placed in the roadwsy and repeadly ran ovef untill dead, most likely the driver was drunk, to much knowledege is out there EVERYONE j NJ ows if you drive drunk you might kill someone, thus first degree murder, if this oerdon has any assets thet should be divided between the two surving familys, i hope your lived ones reet in peace


what sucks though is unless someone, or DNA can identify him as the driver its a tough case. All he has to do is say his car was stolen or he loaned it to someone. Either way I hope they catch the bast*ard


Are the victims related? Both named Lopez...


Two for the price of one, na. If bible squares he will ansere for both . [censored]


Comments disabled


Hwy, they got rid of potty mouth Robs.


I believe that Robs and robertscomputer are the same person.


I believe nobody cares. His/her/its comments are mostly indecipherable gibberish.

Wayne kenoff

Pedestrians are at risk here in phoenix. It’s a shame


WOW...... nice work W Phx. Nice work indeed.


Anagram for ammeters? It's killing me...


But you left out trsalemme...oh, and you have no idea how stupid I am!


anagram for Arms Let Me

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