Matthew Morency, armed robbery suspect

Police believe Matthew Morency, 26, is the armed masked man who robbed four women at ATMs in Peoria and Surprise.

PEORIA and SURPRISE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) – Police have arrested a man they say robbed four women at knifepoint at ATMs in Peoria and Surprise.

Matthew Morency, 26, was arrested Thursday afternoon in the area of 32nd Street and Southern Avenue in Mesa. The Peoria Police Department post his photo on its Facebook page Friday.

The first robbery happened the afternoon of Sunday, May 19 at the drive-through ATM at the Bank of America near 91st and Northern avenues.

According to police, Morency approached the victim and then pulled a knife and demanded money. The victim was not hurt, and police got surveillance video.

The second robbery happened about 11 hours later at the Chase Bank near 83rd Avenue and Thunderbird Road, again at a drive-through ATM.

“He demanded everything she had, she said no and then he reached into her vehicle to steal her purse,” according to the Peoria Police Department.

Police say Morency stabbed the woman's hand in the process. Again, he ran away, police said.

The third robbery happened the next night at the Bank of America at Grand Avenue and Bell Road in Surprise. Like the earlier incidents, police say he pulled a knife on a woman at the ATM and robbed her.

This time, the victim, who was not injured, saw him run to a vehicle. She gave investigators the license plate information.

The Surprise Bank of America was the scene of the last robbery a few days later on the night of Thursday, May 23.

“Morency approached the female victim as she had just conducted a withdrawal, displayed a large knife and then grabbed the money out of her hand,” police said. “He then ran away from the scene.”

The Peoria and Surprise police departments worked together to identify Morency as the suspect and track down the vehicle belonging to the license plate the third victim provided.

Morency is facing four counts each of armed robbery and aggravated assault and drug charges.


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(16) comments


Arrested, They mean his crime honeymoon was temporarily interupted. [scared]


It's actually kind of refreshing to see the occasional white dude trying to stay relevant in the criminal world with all the intense competition from the darker pigmented folk... Hopefully he gets a lengthy prison sentence for his misguided sense of competition.


I think this counts as cultural appropriation. Shame on him.


drug addicted

Wayne kenoff

Wow pink skins at it again! Stop inbreeding because this is what comes of it! Pink skins fondle cats and now rob ladies? Hahahaha no wonder white women are coming for the Brown D


Didn't see your whit on the story about the illegal that leveled a gun at the cops, or the dude torturing kids, etc., etc.. Just haven't gotten around to it, eh?

Wayne kenoff

Stupidsailor, your name fits. And you’re right, I haven’t. There are way too many pink skins losing it around here hahahahah


That was witty. And lemme know when you wanna compare crime stats. Better still, we'll include voting and ideological traits in there and their relation to crime. You anti-Trump ninnies share a lot of thought processes with the majority of our criminal element, but somehow it's the fault of the party that doesn't talk about race incessantly. Weird...

Agustus Gloop

My Own Money is on MyOwnMind, his posts show a hatred for women and he's been estranged from AZFamily Anonymous Comment Posting since about Thursday, the same day of the arrest.


At least he drove from Mesa to the west side to commit his crimes.


E'll be out on parol in two days after lockup with three free hono orgies at taxpayers expense.[scared]


Tweak much?


drugs are bad


bahah!! F@gboi had to pick on females.


They are the weaker sex and are inclined to keep their mouth shut unless it benefits them.


Such a low life. Throw his in the slammer and throw the key away...

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