PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Authorities in the west Valley have arrested four people, three of whom are juveniles, after an afternoon crime spree including car theft, gun theft and assault.

Phoenix Police spokeswoman, Sgt. Mercedes Fortune, says officers were called to Van Buren and 51st Ave. around 1 p.m. where a person was reported to be held at gunpoint on a city bus. Fortune says witnesses described a black SUV leaving the scene.

[PDF: Probable cause statement - Jovani Valdez]

About 10 minutes later the same vehicle was described near Lower Buckeye and 67th Avenue where shots were reported being fired from the SUV. No damage was reported in the area, said Fortune.

Then, a few minutes later near 66th Ave. and Yuma, two kids had their cellphone taken at gunpoint, says Fortune. The same black SUV is described in this incident as in the previous two.

By this time, witness descriptions matching the black SUV are connected to a recent stolen black SUV out of Tolleson.

The gun, an AR-15, was also determined to be stolen from a Gila River police officer's home in Avondale.

Fortune says an officer in the area of 83rd Avenue and Van Buren noticed the SUV. He approached the vehicle and the four suspects jumped out and took off running into the nearby neighborhood.

After a search of the area officers found the suspects. One of them, armed with the rifle, was found in a nearby Circle K store, said Fortune. A second suspect was found at a nearby baseball park, the last two were found hiding in a dumpster, said Fortune.

Fortune says there were no injuries reported during any of these incidents. It took about 30 minutes for the incident to wrap up, from the first report on the city bus to the arrest of the four.

The four will be facing charges of robbery, aggravated assault and vehicle theft, said Fortune. The one suspect who is over 18 has been identified as Jovani Valdez. The other suspects will not be identified because they are minors.


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One commenter wrote, "...90% of the names of those who do things like this [are Hispanic]. And most are illegal but the media refuse to report that fact."

The only part of this statement I would agree with is that the "news" networks often indeed fail to mention that fact when the crimes committed are committed by illegal aliens; it just doesn't fit with their liberal bias and globalist, (anti-American), agenda. That said, I'm quite sure that, if you base crime reports on neighborhoods, poorer neighborhoods will be where many of the culprits of those crimes will be found to come from. That there are poor does not make any a criminal, but, those who do not work still want what others have and often tend to live in those poor neighborhoods. Many single moms have it hard, and try to raise their children right but, when there is no dad around to show growing boys what a hard working responsible man is like, the kids will follow whoever is there telling them what they need to do to prove themselves.

It would be nice if, instead of pointing fingers and blaming crime on certain groups of people, those pointing the finger would instead try to show impressionable kids what a responsible hard working man can do to make an honest living.


Criminals come in all ethnicities. There were plenty of crimes in "Jolly old England" (where more than 50% of my pre-colonial ancestors come from), which were committed by "real" White people and can't be blamed on "minorities", since there weren't too many of those there back then.

Too many ignorant, (uninformed), people want to blame minorities but, poverty, when combined with want and envy, tends to help bring out the bad in all people. In this age of "instant gratification" it will only get worse, since those who don't have what others have, and are jealous, will not wait for the working and saving up for it method to get it for them but will look for the fastest solution to satisfy their want, which is to just steal it.

(BTW - According to AncestryDNA, I'm 99% descended from Western Europeans, with up to 1% Native Amareican [from 0-1%], so my view is not biased because I'm "half" some ethnicity other than White.)


Oh - and you can bet the other three have a long list of arrests and are cousins to the jerk whose name was released. build the wall now


Not racist when it is true. Just look at 90% of the names of those who do things like this. And most are illegal but the media refuse to report that fact.


Just another day in Tijuana Norte. More criminals whose last names end in Z...


Racist much?


Don't like the truth tell the people to change. Nothing racist about them committing crimes in high crime neighborhoods where they like to congregate. Hispanics are rude, inconsiderate people and a nightmare to live next to.

Wayne kenoff

Whites are pedos, beastiality-practitioners, and school-shooters. Oh, that was a dumb projection, huh?


If you hate Mexicans so much, why not move to Idaho or West Virginia where it's 90+ percent white and STFU already? Whine, b*tch, and moan-- that's all you and your ilk do on here.


"Racist much"?
Accuracy and truth are not racism. No one should be made to feel afraid or uncomfortable to talk about the truth of crime and race.
And, nobody should aftwards be villified for speaking the truth about it.


Right. And your "truth" is that 99.99% of Hispanics are undocumented criminals.


The article didn't mention anything about the immigration status of this individual. For all you f*ckers know, this person is not undocumented. How the f*ck would building a wall impact the crimes committed by legal residents?


No, the truth I referred to is the truth unlike your babbling about 99.99% of whatever.
"How the f*ck would building a wall impact the crimes committed by legal residents?" I hope you're not serious with this question of yours. The tenticals of the porous U S. border are very far reaching into every aspect of American life.

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